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Snap to Lose Chief Financial Officer, Its Second in a Year

Snap to Lose Chief Financial Officer, Its Second in a Year

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the company said Tim Stone is leaving to pursue other opportunities. He had joined the Santa Monica, California, company just eight months ago after two decades at Amazon.

2 Charged with Hacking Securities and Exchange Commission Computers in Trading Scheme

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Two Ukrainian men have been charged with hacking into computers of the SEC to steal quarterly and annual reports of publicly traded companies before their public release.

Week Ahead: Stocks End Week Higher As Investors Await Earnings Season

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Stocks rallied for the third straight week as investors wait for earnings season to begin. Over that time, the major indices went from beginning extremely oversold to being over bought.

Guild's ​Market Summary: Here Comes Earnings Season

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The U.S. stock market has rallied since around Christmastime, and could rally further until we come into corporate profit season reporting season next week.

MacKenzie Bezos: Divorce from Amazon CEO Could Make Her World's Richest Woman

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The split of MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos is casting a spotlight on the woman who might soon become the world’s wealthiest.

​Smaller-Cap Companies: Beware the Short Seller!

Ronald Woessner | |

Here's how smaller-cap companies (particularly OTC-traded ones) are getting the “short end of the stick” due to inadequate legal protections against abusive short-selling practices.

Highlights from the Greenwich Economic Forum

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Ray Dalio, Afsaneh Beschloss, Paul Tudor Jones, and Dmitry Balyasny led various discussions addressing many challenges facing the global markets, sharing insights and suggesting innovative solutions.

2018 - The Year the Quants Got Destroyed

Jason Leavitt | |

Many studies pointed to 2018 being a good year, but it didn't happen. Historical tendencies that had extremely high win rates - in some cases 100% - didn't play out. Here's a summary.

Stocks Rally as Fed Shifts Back to a Dovish Stance

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Clearly, the Fed is more concerned with asset prices (stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate), than other economic data. But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Why Slowing Economies Could Prod US and China to Reach Deal

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The Trump administration and China are facing growing pressure to blink in their six-month stare-down over trade because of jittery markets and portents of economic weakness.