White House Says It Has 'Broad Discretion' on Press Access

White House Says It Has 'Broad Discretion' on Press Access

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The Trump administration responds to the legal challenge from CNN and other outlets over the revocation of journalist Jim Acosta's "hard pass."

Democrats Eye Trump's Tax Returns but Expect a Long Fight

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Getting President Donald Trump's tax returns is high on the list of Democratic priorities now that they have won the House.

Battle for the House Tests Trump, GOP Hold on Congress

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The battle for the House is a fight to the finish, as Democrats try to flip the majority in a referendum on President Donald Trump and Republican control of Congress.

​I’ve Studied Stocks After Every Midterm Election Since World War II. What I Found Will Shock You

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Are you prepared for Tuesday?

Path to Power: House Races to Watch on Election Night

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The path to power in the House winds through a few dozen districts, many of them suburban, in Tuesday's election.

Time Off for Workers to Vote? Your State May Require It

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There's no federal law requiring employers to give staffers time off to vote, but a majority of the states do.

Merkel to Step down as Party Chair After Election Losses

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Monday that she will step down as the leader of the center-right Christian Democratic Union party after 18 years.

If Not Now, When?

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If you want a master class in how to make your clients’ hum drum news seem newsworthy you can get free daily lessons by tuning in the cable networks.

Goodbye, Columbus: Holiday in Decline as Brutal Legacy Re-Evaluated

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For example, the city of Columbus, Ohio, the largest in the country named after the explorer, remains open for business today for the first time.

Trump Slams Times 'Hit Piece' on Reported Tax Avoidance Plan

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The New York Times report that Trump received at least $413 million from his father over the decades, much of that through dubious tax dodges, including outright fraud.