​Turkey is a Serious Problem

​Turkey is a Serious Problem

Michael Markowski | |

The Lira has now declined by 50% versus the Euro over the past year.

New Bank of England Base Rate Is Good News For UK Savers and Investors

George Bailey | |

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) recently raised the UK base rate from 0.25% to 0.75% percentage points.

Can France Really Welcome All the World's Poor?

Jeff Deist | |

Refugees are indeed the first to apply the famous slogan “Trade, not help!” As long as they are allowed to work. Western states who make the mistake of “welcoming” refugees by denying them the right to work and trade could be inspired by this philosophy.

Data Leak Sheds Light on Hottinger Fraud

Amy Mathews | |

The sums stolen could amount to over $35 million in total, with their original owners being clients of Hottinger & Partners SA.

Massive leak exposes truth about Hottinger fraud

Renisa Barnwell | |

Confidential documents from an official investigation into fraud at the Swiss investment firm Hottinger & Partners SA (HPSA) have been leaked to a whistleblowing website.

10 Hottest Places to Launch a Fintech Startup in Central and Eastern Europe

Amy Mathews | |

In Europe, a trend is emerging as investors discover opportunities outside of the established fintech hubs in London, Germany and France.

Europe’s Pension Funds Are Running Low as Boomers Retire

John Mauldin | |

Europe has the largest population of pensioners that continues to grow.

Pound Still Sensitive to Brexit Talks

RoboForex | |

The Pound has been extremely “sensitive” to changes in investors’ sentiment, who were following the Brexit talks.

Could a Big Move in the Global Markets Be Setting Up?

Chris Vermeulen | |

The recent news is that the European leaders are convening an Emergency Meeting. We believe this emergency meeting could result in a big fat...

The ECB Will Have to Mutualize All Sovereign Debt to Prevent an EU Breakup

John Mauldin | |

​Italy has been all over the news lately. But it is not Europe’s only problem.

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