IMF Warns Global Economic Stability at Risk from No-Deal Brexit

IMF Warns Global Economic Stability at Risk from No-Deal Brexit

Guardian Web | |

A no-deal Brexit would send shockwaves through the global financial system and is one of the main risks to economic stability, the IMF said.

​Brexit Enters the End Game

Guild Investment Management | |

How does the process currently stand, with only months to go until the exit, deal or no deal?

Euro Vulnerable as Slowing Growth Reveals Underlying Issues

Deb Shaw | |

The Eurozone is increasingly vulnerable thanks to rising debts, weak demographics and an excessive reliance on its trade surplus (particularly with the United States and the United Kingdom).

Will Gold Prices Soar after March 2019?

Sunshine Profits | |

Will gold gain on failed talks between the EU and the UK?

Emerging Markets and Europe: When Will It Be Time To Buy?

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While a contrarian call at this point is likely premature, longer term, investors may want to embrace the rally in emerging-market stocks.

After May’s Humiliation, Labour Must Seize the Initiative on Brexit

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Sometimes the most devastating revelations are those which are already obvious. Theresa May’s Chequers proposals were dead before the Salzburg summit, killed off by her own party long before Donald Tusk stuck the knife in, but their demise leaves her stran

Danske Bank Money Laundering 'Is Biggest Scandal in Europe'

Guardian Web | |

The European commission has described the $200bn money-laundering case at Denmark’s largest bank as “the biggest scandal” in Europe.

Can the U.S. Learn From the Failing Infrastructure in Italy? | |

Today politicians in Italy are doing what politicians all over the world do after a tragedy, engaging in a public covering of their own backsides.

The Brexit Still Makes the Pound Feel Nervous

RoboForex | |

The British Pound has reached stability by the last summer week, but it may really be some kind of the calm before the storm.

​XP Power Shares Dip, But Could Rebound

Zak Goldberg | |

Volatility in the stock market is common. This is exemplified in this share price case study. Here are the factors for peaks and troughs explained.