The ECB Will Have to Mutualize All Sovereign Debt to Prevent an EU Breakup

The ECB Will Have to Mutualize All Sovereign Debt to Prevent an EU Breakup

John Mauldin | |

​Italy has been all over the news lately. But it is not Europe’s only problem.

Brexit Bill Negotiations Enter Frantic Final Hours

Guardian Web | |

The “meaningful vote” amendment is now the only potential government defeat, after remainers and Brexiters struck a compromise deal overnight over the customs union.

Italy’s Proposed Parallel Currency Is the Biggest Threat to the Eurozone

John Mauldin | |

Italy’s new government, an unexpected coalition between two populist parties, could blow up the fragile trust that keeps Europe together.

​What the Markets Are Finally Saying About Italy

Harry Dent | |

Italy’s already bankrupt. It’s just that no one has announced it yet.

​A Direct Play on the Strength of the Dollar

MoneyShow | |

The dollar has been down so long, but the trend now looks like up

Italy Roils Global Capital Markets – What Next?

Chris Vermeulen | |

The concern is related to the formation of a coalition government in Italy and the excessive debt issues plaguing Italy and many other European Union countries.

​Turmoil in Turkey Puts Pressure on World’s Stock Markets.

Michael Markowski | |

The Lira's fall could accelerate the onset of a recession in Europe, which might then spread to the US.

Follow Ireland’s Example: Economic Success Is Built on Discipline and Cooperation

Michael Gleason | |

Ireland is recognized as a gateway for doing business with the EU.

​Unloved Trio: Canadian Drilling, U.S. Retailer & Greek ETF

MoneyShow | |

What is in a company’s name?

​Going Back to the Bar with iShares MSCI Germany ETF

MoneyShow | |

It’s been five years since Germans have been this pessimistic about their economic outlook.