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India's Booming Economy Expected to Firm Up Gold Demand

India's Booming Economy Expected to Firm Up Gold Demand

Frank Holmes | |

Gold ordinarily goes for a premium in anticipation of Diwali, but this year many retailers reported trying to attract customers by offering discounts.

Is Cuba's Financial Situation Improving With Socialism?

Andrew Deen | |

Cuba can teach us a lot about socialism and how to better sustain America's economy.

Where to Next for Startups in Latin America?

Amy Mathews | |

​Startup businesses in Latin America have been having a good time of it of late.

When Skynet Meets Xi Jinping

Ivan Martchev | |

Any signs of trade tensions easing will produce the necessary catalyst for a rebound in U.S. stocks.

Saudi Prince's Future Put to the Test at Investment Forum

Associated Press | |

Saudi Arabia is moving ahead with plans to hold a glitzy investment forum, despite some of its most important speakers pulling out in the global outcry over the killing of a Saudi journalist.

Significant Emerging Markets Contagion is Very Much Possible

Ivan Martchev | |

Another week and another all-time low for the Argentine peso, which registered its first weekly close above 40 per dollar, or 41.28 to be exact.

Emerging Markets and Europe: When Will It Be Time To Buy?

Guild Investment Management | |

While a contrarian call at this point is likely premature, longer term, investors may want to embrace the rally in emerging-market stocks.

​Emerging Countries to Follow and Those to Avoid

Harry Dent | |

Which country can most sustain its growth for decades ahead?

Is It Time To Invest in Emerging Markets?

Lyn Alden | |

Valuations in emerging market stocks are quite compelling, but are the risks worth it?

Are Emerging Market Stocks Ready to Rally?

Simon Maierhofer | |

Will the emerging markets bear market continue, or is it a false signal?