Emerging Markets

Why businesses are expanding to Australia and New Zealand?

Why businesses are expanding to Australia and New Zealand?

Craig Dempsey | |

Why businesses are expanding to Australia and New Zealand?

We Are Bullish on Emerging Markets

Guild Investment Management | |

We discuss in further detail the signs we see for emerging markets to wake up from their slumber.

​Why the Jumia IPO is a Reminder of Africa's Growing Business Revolution

Stephen L Kanaval | |

The "Amazon of Africa" is a company to watch.

Could 2019 Be the Year for Emerging Markets?

Guild Investment Management | |

China government stimulus is already having an effect, and as it gathers momentum, demand will percolate throughout the region.

It’s Early, But EM Bonds Are Rebounding | |

Emerging markets central banks are getting hawkish. JPMorgan expects 19 of the 24 major developing economies it tracks to raise interest rates this year.

India's Booming Economy Expected to Firm Up Gold Demand

Frank Holmes | |

Gold ordinarily goes for a premium in anticipation of Diwali, but this year many retailers reported trying to attract customers by offering discounts.

Is Cuba's Financial Situation Improving With Socialism?

Andrew Deen | |

Cuba can teach us a lot about socialism and how to better sustain America's economy.

Where to Next for Startups in Latin America?

Amy Mathews | |

​Startup businesses in Latin America have been having a good time of it of late.

When Skynet Meets Xi Jinping

Ivan Martchev | |

Any signs of trade tensions easing will produce the necessary catalyst for a rebound in U.S. stocks.

Saudi Prince's Future Put to the Test at Investment Forum

Associated Press | |

Saudi Arabia is moving ahead with plans to hold a glitzy investment forum, despite some of its most important speakers pulling out in the global outcry over the killing of a Saudi journalist.


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