Some GDP Deceleration, But US Corporates and Consumers Are Still In Good Health

Some GDP Deceleration, But US Corporates and Consumers Are Still In Good Health

Guild Investment Management | |

Although US GDP growth decelerated in Q4 2018, and is likely to continue at a slower pace in H1 2019, we anticipate the markets’ continued progress.

Massive Short Squeeze in China SXT Pharma (SXTC) +75%

Steve Kanaval | |

Shorting Chinese stocks is a risky proposition in 2019, and lessons learned will come with some pain.

Will China Surprise The US Stock Market?

Chris Vermeulen | |

​Recently, we openly discussed the potential for global turmoil related to Europe, Asia, China, and South America. The issues before the globe are that the global economy may not be firing in sync and that there are credit and debt, as well as geopolitical

Tiffany Holiday Sales Slip as Chinese Tourists Spend Less

Associated Press | |

The luxury jeweler, famous for its little blue boxes, says sales slipped in the holiday shopping season as Chinese tourists spent less while traveling due to the strong dollar.

​Trade Deficits Aren’t the Issue With China -- Fraud and Theft Are

Guild Investment Management | |

China has much the weaker hand in this game. It may well be that stiffer and broader tariffs will be needed to correct these abuses.

China Trade Data is Nail in the Coffin of Global Economy

Mish Shedlock | |

Chinese exports and imports even though China's trade balance with the US rose.

Kusto Group’s Yerkin Tatishev Builds New Partnerships at Kazakhstan-Singapore Business Forum

Sherrie Campbell | |

The chairman of Kusto Group, Yerkin Tatishev, is once again putting his well-defined business philosophy to use.

Jiangsu Expressway: Growing Chinese Toll Road With a 5% Dividend

Lyn Alden | |

A look at the opportunities and risks of investing in Chinese toll roads, with a focus on Jiangsu Province.

China’s Central Bank is Buying Gold Again for the First Time Since 2016

Jason Hamlin | |

Is this just the start of China aggressively increasing gold holdings in 2019?

Makalot Makes Apparel for Well-Known American Brands

Andrew Stotz | |

​Makalot Industrial Company Limited is a Taiwanese group engaged in the manufacturing of ready-to-wear apparel.