Why is Switzerland Buying US Stocks on Such an Enormous Scale?

Why is Switzerland Buying US Stocks on Such an Enormous Scale?

John Mauldin | |

They have about $10,000 in US stocks on their books for every man, woman, and child in Switzerland.

High Tech Is Born In War, Not Silicon Valley

George Friedman | |

Technologies that define an era usually come from a major geopolitical power.

​The Deflation Application

Charles Sizemore | |

Cheap technology has replaced a human cashier or order-taker.

We’ve Entered A Period of Maximum Monetary Uncertainty

Patrick Watson | |

​America is fully employed, or so say the statistics.

​Bulls Defend Critical Support

Adam Sarhan | |

So far, this appears to be a perfectly normal and healthy pullback after a big run.

​Car Sales About To Go Over the Cliff

Harry Dent | |

What's driving the industry toward Carmageddon?

The Market Is Headed for a “Minsky Moment”—It Can Happen Quickly, Too

John Mauldin | |

A “Minsky moment” is the point at which excess debt sparks a financial crisis.

This Chart Proves That Low Oil Prices Can’t Stop US Shale Oil Surge

George Friedman | |

The US has benefited from the shale revolution more than any other country.

Business Hasn’t Reversed Under Trump. Here's How You Can Tell

Robert Ross | |

The economy seems to be muddling along.

​Argentina Does the 100-Year Tango

Ivan Illán | |

The Argentinean just government issued 100-year bonds.

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