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Which Cities Hold Africa’s Wealth?

Which Cities Hold Africa’s Wealth?

Visual Capitalist | |

Private wealth in Africa is set to grow $800 billion in the next decade. Here are the continent’s 23 richest cities mapped, along with other key facts.

Why Australia is Becoming a Global Leader in Crypto

Nicholas Kitonyi | |

Australia has all the major stakeholders ready and willing to embrace blockchain and crypto, and this has made it a major global player in the last few years.

China Is a Growing Force That Many Grossly Underestimate

John Mauldin | |

China's vast economic problems get a lot of coverage, but there's also enormous potential for growth there.

Emerging Markets and Europe: When Will It Be Time To Buy?

Guild Investment Management | |

While a contrarian call at this point is likely premature, longer term, investors may want to embrace the rally in emerging-market stocks.

​Emerging Countries to Follow and Those to Avoid

Harry Dent | |

Which country can most sustain its growth for decades ahead?

Let's Take a Look Around the World

Jason Leavitt | |

We know the US is doing great; how's everyone else doing?

How Has the Japanese Stock Market Been Impacted by Typhoon Jebi?

Cameron Samuel | |

How has Japan been impacted by recent trade-war talks and Typhoon Jebi?

Mohnish Pabrai: Volatility Is the Friend of a Long-Term Investor

The Acquirer’s Multiple® | |

Insight on finding opportunity amidst uncertainty.

Custom Global Market Indexes May Be Sounding Alarms

Chris Vermeulen | |

This chart clearly shows where prices were expected to move, which was sharply lower through spring and this summer.

Emerging Markets Could Be Starting A Relief Rally

Chris Vermeulen | |

Over the past 4+ months, many emerging markets have come under pressure but something new appears to be on the horizon.