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Market Reactions to the Indian Election

Market Reactions to the Indian Election

Jacob Maslow | |

Early indicators show that markets could experience some momentary volatility. As of December 11th, the equity indices had already gone down about two percent in anticipation of those results.

Nigerian Stock Exchange Gives Shares, Computers and Cash to Essay Competition Winners

Jacob Maslow | |

​The Nigerian Stock Exchange completed its 2018 NSE Essay Competition with the presentation of shares, cash and computers to contest winners and their schools.

Which Cities Hold Africa’s Wealth?

Visual Capitalist | |

Private wealth in Africa is set to grow $800 billion in the next decade. Here are the continent’s 23 richest cities mapped, along with other key facts.

Why Australia is Becoming a Global Leader in Crypto

Nicholas Kitonyi | |

Australia has all the major stakeholders ready and willing to embrace blockchain and crypto, and this has made it a major global player in the last few years.

China Is a Growing Force That Many Grossly Underestimate

John Mauldin | |

China's vast economic problems get a lot of coverage, but there's also enormous potential for growth there.

Emerging Markets and Europe: When Will It Be Time To Buy?

Guild Investment Management | |

While a contrarian call at this point is likely premature, longer term, investors may want to embrace the rally in emerging-market stocks.

​Emerging Countries to Follow and Those to Avoid

Harry Dent | |

Which country can most sustain its growth for decades ahead?

Let's Take a Look Around the World

Jason Leavitt | |

We know the US is doing great; how's everyone else doing?

How Has the Japanese Stock Market Been Impacted by Typhoon Jebi?

Cameron Samuel | |

How has Japan been impacted by recent trade-war talks and Typhoon Jebi?

Mohnish Pabrai: Volatility Is the Friend of a Long-Term Investor

The Acquirer’s Multiple® | |

Insight on finding opportunity amidst uncertainty.