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Did The Market Miss Powell’s Real Message?

Lance Roberts | |

The bond market has woken up to reality after a year-long slumber.

“The Great Reset” Is Coming

John Mauldin | |

Let’s stop right here for a minute.

Is the Economy Heading Into a Recession?

Elliott Wave Trader | |

When was the last time the majority of economists correctly called for a recession?

The Yield Curve Just Inverted for the First Time in Years. Time to Reconsider Risk?

Frank Holmes | |

​One of the most reliable indicators of an economic slowdown just flashed a warning sign this week.

Why Gen Z is Approaching Money Differently Than Other Generations

Visual Capitalist | |

Gen Z saw their older friends take on massive amounts of debt, while struggling to secure stable jobs – and now they are learning from those mistakes.

Why the Yield Curve Inverts in One Simple Picture

Mish Shedlock | |

The yield curve inverts when the Fed keeps hiking in the face of a slowdown.

U.S. Stocks Plunge on Concerns About Economy, Trade Talks with China

Japan Economic Newswire | |

U.S. stocks sank on Tuesday over concerns about the future course of the country's economy and the prospect of U.S.-China trade negotiations.

Banks Lead Stocks Lower, Erasing Some of Prior Day's Gains

Associated Press | |

U.S. stocks declined in early trading Tuesday, giving up many of the market's gains from a day earlier.

Fed to the Rescue

Adam Sarhan | |

Since 2009, every time, stocks fell, the Fed would adopt a dovish stance and then stocks would rally. This time could be different but until that relationship ends, it should be respected.

Powell: US Economy and Banks Seem Sturdy but Face Some Risks

Associated Press | |

Federal Chairman Jerome Powell says he's pleased with the state of the U.S. economy but cautions that some forms of corporate debt have reached risky levels.

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