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Wall Street Bear Citing

Jordan Kimmel | |

Is the stock market rolling over for a bigger correction, or is all this bearishness a buying opportunity? That is the million dollar question. What do the internals say?This is the 8th 5%

Equities Market Roundup: Stocks Rebound Ahead of Fed Announcement

Equities Editors Desk | |

Stocks in the U.S. are trading mostly up today as Wall Street awaits the U.S. Federal Reserves' statements on the economy and any changes to its monetary strategy. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is

Market in Process of Discounting Negatives

George Brooks | |

Suddenly, it seems that there is nothing for investors to hang on to, much less look forward to. We have had a decent economic recovery from the recession’s end two years ago, but it hasn’t

Equities Sector Coverage: Financial and Energy Stocks Get Hammered

Sector Recap | |

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the week up 4.9% year to date but down 5.6% from its May 2nd high at 12,876. The NASDAQ ended last week up just 3.0% year to date and down 5.4% from its May

Equities Market Roundup: Stocks Keep Edging Lower

Equities Editors Desk | |

Wall Street continues to trade lower as financial stocks and airline stocks weigh on the market. U.S. stocks are on a five-week streak of losses, and the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial

Big Buying Opportunity Possibly July 29 or August 1 - Trading Opportunities in Interim

George Brooks | |

Stock prices must find a level where known and potential negatives are adequately discounted.That will involve a probing process, with some sharp rallies that look like the big turn.One of those

Equities Sector Coverage: Tech Stocks Lead Losers Today

Sector Recap | |

U.S. stocks opened significantly lower on Friday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average trading as low as 12,104 with the NASDAQ as low as 2740. Nonfarm Payrolls was reported at just a gain of

Equities Market Roundup: Jobs Data Scare Investors, Stock Market

Equities Editors Desk | |

U.S. stocks are looking to close the week down once again, marking the fifth straight week of the market trending lower. Weak economic data is also once again blamed for sparking the sell off.

Stage Being Set Up for Big Buy - Late Summer, Early Fall

George Brooks | |

April 29, 2011: “Best Six Months for Investing Ends Today”May 2, 2011: Is BIG Money Selling Into Earnings Euphoria” ?Looking back a mere month, it is obvious the BIG money was ahead of the

Equities Sector Coverage: Financials Up But Consumer Staples Lead Losers

Sector Recap | |

Initial Jobless Claims remains elevated at 422,000 well above the recessionary threshold of 350,000. Non-farm Productivity for the first quarter is up 1.8% with Unit Labor Costs up 0.7%. Factory

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