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Are Markets Going Haywire?

Leo Kolivakis | |

Equity investors got whipsawed last week during two rough and volatile sessions, experts had seen worrying signs long before that.

​World Economy and Trade: Where We Stand As We Close the Year

Guild Investment Management | |

Regarding the two dominant fears of 2018, here's why the market's fears may be exaggerated.

Which Yield Curve Really Matters?

Lance Roberts | |

​So, have you heard the one about the “flattening yield curve?”

Faith in Central Banks Again in Question: Ominous Implications for Bonds

Mish Shedlock | |

All eyes are following implications of a yield curve inversion. A crucial portion of the curve signals something else.

This Is the End of Trump’s Economic Sugar High

Patrick Watson | |

​By most measures, the US economy is performing okay. But sometimes the economy weakens beneath the surface.

​Guild's Market Summary: Opportunities in a Fear-Based Market

Guild Investment Management | |

U.S. stocks are in a correction, and fundamentally some sectors are fairly valued, while others remain absurdly overvalued.

Did The Market Miss Powell’s Real Message?

Lance Roberts | |

The bond market has woken up to reality after a year-long slumber.

“The Great Reset” Is Coming

John Mauldin | |

Let’s stop right here for a minute.

Is the Economy Heading Into a Recession?

Elliott Wave Trader | |

When was the last time the majority of economists correctly called for a recession?

The Yield Curve Just Inverted for the First Time in Years. Time to Reconsider Risk?

Frank Holmes | |

​One of the most reliable indicators of an economic slowdown just flashed a warning sign this week.

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