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Week Ahead: Stocks End Week Higher As Investors Await Earnings Season

Adam Sarhan | |

Stocks rallied for the third straight week as investors wait for earnings season to begin. Over that time, the major indices went from beginning extremely oversold to being over bought.

How Every Asset Class, Currency, and Sector Performed in 2018

Visual Capitalist | |

There is growing uncertainty and volatility almost everywhere, and individual events are starting to become catalysts for sell-offs or rallies.

U.S. Consumer Prices Fall for First Time in 9 Months

UPI Top Stories | |

The price index for all urban consumers declined 0.1 percent on a seasonal adjusted basis after going unchanged in November, the department said in a report Friday.

What the Government Shutdown Means for Your Mortgage

Associated Press | |

The partial federal government shutdown is complicating the already complicated process of getting and managing a mortgage.

Map: Where Young Adults Live With Their Parents in the U.S.

Visual Capitalist | |

For a variety of different reasons, there is a growing proportion of young adults that are living with their parents in the United States.

Powell Repeats Pledge to Remain 'Patient' with Rate Hikes

Associated Press | |

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says the central bank has the ability to be "patient" in determining when to hike interest rates.

Ever Wonder Why the Sandwich That Costs $10 Now Was Only $7 Five Years Ago?

Mark Putrino | |

This chart scares me, and it should scare you too.

Fed Minutes: Growing Risks Make Rate Hike Path Less Clear

Associated Press | |

Federal Reserve officials expressed increasing worries when they met last month, as they grappled with volatile stock markets, trade tensions and uncertain global growth.

More Consumers are Using Personal Loans to Consolidate Debt, Report Shows

Jacob Maslow | |

The number of borrowers looking to consolidate debt with personal loans is rising

The Last Time the Yield Curve Inverted, Stocks Soared 30%

John Mauldin | |

​Everybody is suddenly talking about the inverted yield curve.

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