Business Outlook

To Narrow the Equity Gap We Have to Change Our Pattern Recognition

Yitzi Weiner | |

The profile of the venture-backable entrepreneur has been established over decades of deep pattern recognition.

​12 Ways a Startup Founder Can Become a Global Influencer

Gary C. Bizzo | |

What exactly does it take?

The Rise of “Fake News” in the Corporate World

Carl Cotton | |

With the popularity of the Internet, people can communicate and access thousands of information in a few clicks, but this means, fake news proliferate as well

11 Easy Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business | |

Are you using Instagram Stories for Business? If not why not?

Blockchain's Potential Remains Untapped in the Environment Sector, Here's Why

David Drake | |

One of the areas where blockchain has not been applied - but has huge potential - is the environmental sector.

Charlie Munger on Telsa and Elon Musk

The Acquirer’s Multiple® | |

His comments may surprise you.

What Language Do You Speak? The New PR-Client Relationship

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

You have to understand the needs of the company you work for to succeed. Sounds simple, right?

Beyond Fintech: How Walmart is Spearheading in the Logistics Space

David Drake | |

Blockchain is now beyond Fintech... The recent partnership between Walmart and IBM in utilizing blockchain in the logistics space already seems to be setting pace in growing the industry.

Are You Ready for the Future of Financial Planning? | |

What will clients want from their adviser in the next decade? Will it be materially different from what they wanted in the last decade?

​Understanding the Goals and Processes of Private Equity

Martin Stein | |

One of the best ways to be an informed investor in private equities is to understand how PE firms pursue their opportunities and encourage value in the companies they invest in.