Business Outlook

​What Does a Junior Resource Exploration Company Do in a Bear Market?

Gary C. Bizzo | |

It all comes down to a faith and belief in your product.

Emerging Trends in Ecommerce: Personalized Automation for Customers

Richard Parker | |

Personalized automation is an emerging ecommerce trend. Personalized automation targets the individual with specific campaigns, messages or other information.

Will Climate Change Lead to Mass Starvation?

Maggie Kimberl | |

Climate change may impact your life sooner than you think.

Vertical Farming Industry in North America to See Bright Future

Graphical Research | |

North America Vertical Farming Market exceeded USD 752.3 mn in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at over 26.9% CAGR in the forecast years.

Fire Tube Industrial Boiler Market to Witness Massive Growth in Next Seven Years

Fractovia | |

A brief overview of fire tube industrial boiler market with respect to the application spectrum: food processing to emerge as a vital growth avenue over 2018-2024

How the Real Estate Industry Can Empower Women

Julia Novakovich | |

While there are many different businesses options that women can use to create income and find a significant sense of empowerment, real estate may be one of the best.

Why Cryptocurrency Banking Could be Less Taxing in Singapore

David Drake | |

Singapore is lauded as one of the most crypto-friendly countries. Here's why.

Will a Robot Take Your Job?

Visual Capitalist | |

Is your job going the way of the robots? The Future of Jobs Report estimates the changes robotics will bring to the workplace over the next few years.

​To Narrow the Equity Gap We Should Use A Checklist System When Making Investment Decisions

Yitzi Weiner | |

In order to narrow the equity gap, I suggest we use a checklist system when making investment decisions, rather than purely ‘gut feel’ as that may bias investors against women.

Understanding Hedge Fund Replication | |

ETFs using replication seek to identify the key characteristics of a hedge fund that drive performance and “replicate” them in a low-cost index-based fund.