​Vancouver Startup Week and The Rise of Silicon Valley North

​Vancouver Startup Week and The Rise of Silicon Valley North

Gary C. Bizzo | |

The Western Canadian city is brimming with new tech incubators and accelerators.

Where is Melania Trump? What Her Absence Says About the Campaign

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

Where has Melania been? In the wake of her RNC plagiarism scandal and as reporters began to raise questions over the details of her emigration to the U.S., the would-be first lady has vanished...

Echo Therapeutics (ECTE) Targeting the World’s Largest Diabetic Population in China with Needleless Monitor

Stephen L Kanaval | |

Echo Therapeutics, Inc. (ECTE) has the ability to save lives. In a country where 29 million people have diabetes, Echo has a device that allows for 24-hour glucose monitoring.

Clinton and Trump Prepare for Round One

Joel Anderson | |

Tonight's presidential debate comes as the polls are desperately close and could represent a truly historic moment in American history.

​4 Reasons Millennials Aren’t Investing in Real Estate (And How To Change That)

Raf Howery | |

We all know real estate is one of the most effective ways to build wealth, so what's keeping millennials away?

There's ​More Evidence That Regulation Crushes Productivity Growth

Guild Investment Management | |

Too much red tape is bad for business and bad for the economy.

Would the Electoral College Override a Trump Victory?

David Galland, Garret/Galland Research | |

Popular vote be damned.

​This Week in Emerging Growth: Not to Blame the Victim, but Why On Earth Do You Still Have a Yahoo Account?

Joel Anderson | |

Yahoo's (YHOO) security breach, Facebook's (FB) video data oopsie, and no rate hike for the Fed.

Central Banks Juice Stocks...Again

Adam Sarhan | |

Eventually, markets will stop reacting well to all the easy money being injected into the system, but we are not there just yet.

How Serious is China's Debt Problem?

John Mauldin | |

There is a lot to like and appreciate about China. But it isn’t clear what they are going to do about their current circumstances.

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