Another Volatile Week on Wall Street

Another Volatile Week on Wall Street

Adam Sarhan | |

Until the major indices get back above resistance, expect more sloppy action to continue.

​Truth in Advertising

Gary C. Bizzo | |

Start-ups must be diligent in providing the facts to the public and make sure they don’t provide hyperbole in the statements they make to the public. They will be found out!

40 Years of Music Industry Sales

Visual Capitalist | |

A revealing look at three decades of music industry sales. After a devastating decline, streaming services like Spotify are helping the industry regain its footing.

Government Proposes Tax Rules for Investors in 'Opportunity Zones'

Associated Press | |

The Trump administration is proposing rules for investors in a new program that it says could have a big impact on economically depressed areas around the country.

How the New Fiat-Crypto Exchange Makes Singapore More Favorable to ICOs

David Drake | |

Binance has introduced a fiat-cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore. Because of its robust economy and the fact that there are no government regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Weekend Reading: Tax Cuts Saved The Economy?

Lance Roberts | |

Throughout history, negative growth rates in Federal receipts have been associated with recessionary periods in the economy rather than expansions.

Podcast: How Advisors Can Get In Front of Their Ideal Audience | |

Here's how advisors can collaborate to reach the right audience.

What's at Stake If Investors Begin to Shun Saudi Arabia

Associated Press | |

The disappearance of a Saudi journalist shaken confidence in the country as a place to do business, with potential consequences for billions of dollars in investments.

Mortgage Loan Applications: How the Economy Impacts You

Richard Parker | |

The best time to apply for a mortgage or mortgage refinance is based on these economic indicators.

Cryptocurrency Investors Underestimate Bullish News

Jason Hamlin | |

​Cryptocurrency markets have received an incredible amount of bullish news over the past few months, yet the price has barely budged.