The Debt Ceiling Mirage

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The US debt ceiling or debt limit is a legislative limit on the national debt that the US Treasury can incur. October 18 was the line in the sand for the US debt. The debt ceiling limits how much money the federal government may pay on the debt previously borrowed. Without Congress increasing the level, the government risks a default, weighing on the world’s faith in the US and likely causing a credit downgrade.

Texas Abortion Law Has Mixed Support Among National Republican Leaders

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Almost instantly after most abortions were banned in Texas, Democrats were decrying the new law as unconstitutional, an assault on women’s health that must be challenged. But the reaction from many Republicans on the other side hasn’t been nearly as emphatic.

Though some in the GOP are celebrating the moment as a long-sought win for the anti-abortion rights movement, others are minimizing the meaning of the Supreme Court’s Wednesday midnight decision that allowed the bill to take effect. A few are even slamming the court and the law.

BlackRock Raises $250 Million for Emerging Market Climate Infrastructure Fund

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BlackRock Inc, the world’s largest money management firm, announced Thursday it has raised over $250 million for its climate finance fund to help emerging markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America accelerate their transition to low-carbon, climate-resilient economies.

The funding, which was committed by a group of ten investors to BlackRock’s Climate Finance Partnership (CFP), will go towards green energy infrastructure, including renewable power generation, energy storage solutions and electrified transportation services, according to a press release.

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