​The Hot LATAM Jurisdictions for Mining

​The Hot LATAM Jurisdictions for Mining

Craig Dempsey | |

Latin America remains a largely undiscovered region in many commercial contexts. Notably, those sectors built upon natural resources and technology have plenty of room for new and expanding businesses.

​Luckin Coffee (LK) Earnings: Lukewarm But Are We Heating Up?

Stephen L Kanaval | |

The results from Luckin were mixed, but the company's plan is still taking shape.

Jeff Kagan: How Dish Network Will Get to Fourth Place in Wireless

Jeff Kagan | |

Can Charlie Ergen take Dish Network to fourth place in wireless? Will they be an offensive or defensive competitor? Will they partner with other companies? Will they change wireless industry?

RIP Economic Cooperation, 1944–2019

Patrick Watson | |

The Bretton Woods Conference was 75 years ago.

Personal Reflection on Being An Immigrant in Trump’s America

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

I pass as an American, and I carry with me all of the manifestations of white privilege. But it wasn’t always so.

GBP/USD: Boris Johnson's backstop plans backfire

FXStreet | |

GBP/USD remains on the back foot after the new PM's first interaction with the EU backfire. UK politics and US GDP are in the limelight. Four-chart shows GBP/USD hinges on weak uptrend support.

Mueller: I Did Not Clear Trump of Obstruction of Justice

Associated Press | |

Robert Mueller told Congress he explicitly did not clear the president of obstructing his investigation.

Getting True Passive International Exposure | |

How to avoid the guessing game of currency movements but still reap the benefits of hedging?

What Does the New Greece Prime Minister Mean for You?

Harry Dent | |

What lessons can we learn from the victory of the business-friendly New Democracy party?

Could Trump Really Win the 2020 Election?

Harry Dent | |

I hate politics, but I embrace the investment opportunities.


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