DryShips in an Uptrend Driven by Rising Shipping Costs

Joel Anderson | |

Greek shipping company and Small-Cap Star DryShips, Inc. (DRYS) were on the rise again Tuesday, with shares jumping nearly 6 percent on heavy volume. Shares were opened at $3.80 a share after

Stocks Rally to Full Recovery as Eastern European Tensions Dissipate

Michael Teague | |

The day’s results ?     Standard & Poor’s 500: +1.38 percent to  1,871.12 ?     Dow Jones Industrial Average: +1.35 percent to

What is the Deal with Greek Shipping Companies?

Joel Anderson | |

What on earth is the deal with Greek shipping companies? For anyone in the habit of watching the biggest moves in stock prices for a given day, double digits shifts, up and down, from dry bulk

Six Small-Cap Companies Investors Can't Get Enough Of

Joel Anderson | |

One of the things about investing in small-cap companies is that there are just so many of them. With a bevvy of options, it’s not hard to get a little buried by all the different companies

DryShips (DRYS) Continues to Fall on Announcement of New Equity Raise

Joel Anderson | |

Greek shipping company DryShips, Inc. (DRYS) continued to fall on Wednesday after announcing Monday that it would be selling $200 million in new shares. The company’s shares were down

Small-Cap Stars: Industrial Goods Stocks

Michael Teague | |

Small-cap stocks represent a particularly risky endeavor for investors; smaller companies, even those with the strongest fundamentals, are simply more likely to be susceptible to the vicissitudes

Wall Street Snubs Government Shutdown as Stocks Soar

Michael Teague | |

Stocks held the line on Tuesday as investors showed resilience in the face of the federal government shutdown that had officially begun at midnight. The S&P 500 Index rallied 0.80 percent to

Wall Street Braces for Budget Battle, Stocks Drop Again

Michael Teague | |

Stocks ended lower heading into the weekend as investors held their breath amid what promises to be a chaotic partisan battle in Washington DC over the federal budget. The Standard &

Stocks Under $10: Transport Shipping

Richard Suttmeier | |

At we show that the Transportation sector is 18.2% overvalued with the Shipping industry 39.3% overvalued. All 18 stocks in today’s table have complete ValuEngine data and

Stocks Under $10: How Overvalued Is the Shipping Industry?

Richard Suttmeier | |

At we show that the Transportation sector 23.7% overvalued with the Air Freight industry 16.9% overvalued and the Shipping industry 23.1% overvalued. All 15 stocks in today’s

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