Jeff Kagan: Wireless Plans of T-Mobile, Comcast, Dish

Jeff Kagan | |

What can we expect in wireless going forward?

​Jeff Kagan: Expect Wireless M&A Activity to Intensify​

Jeff Kagan | |

Why are all these companies revving their engines in the wireless space?

NCAA, Nor'easter Stella Translates to Thin Markets That Can Only Go Higher

Edward Kim | |

I looked back on pricing and valuations - markets went higher into the end of Q1- 70% of the time. This makes perfect sense because "quiet markets always go up", and the B- Team on the trading desk.

Jeff Kagan: Can Cable TV Survive?

Jeff Kagan | |

The earth is shaking under the feet of the cable television industry. Traditional cable TV is facing an earthquake that is changing the entire industry. When the dust clears, everything about the

Dell and Other Retailers Accept Bitcoin, But Customers Are Slow to Adopt

Jacob Harper | |

In January 2014, (OSTK) began accepting the cryptocurrency bitcoin as payment for its various items. This in and of itself should be nothing notable for a currency, as even

Bitcoin Breaks $650, but Investors Should Tread Carefully

Jacob Harper | |

The end of May and beginning of June marked a sharp turnaround for bitcoin’s price, and by June 2 had broken up to $660 apiece. Explanations such as renewed Stateside optimism seem unlikely,

Taking Bitcoin Smart Gambit for Dish Network

Jacob Harper | |

In explaining their reasoning for preparing to accept bitcoin as payment for services, Dish Network (DISH) COO Bernie Han explained that “Bitcoin is becoming a preferred way for some people

Avoid Risk To Prosper

Tim Melvin | |

As previously noted, there are a growing number of very smart investors and strategists who have made negative comments about the stock market in recent months. James Montier, Seth Klarman, Carl

Will Mobile And Second-Screen Viewing Be The End Of Cable?

Michael Teague | |

To say that mobile devices have become a staple in everyday life would be an understatement. Indeed, even though mobile technology is still relatively new, most of us would not know what we would

Turnaround Stock Portfolio Weeks #10, #11, #12, #13: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Michael Teague | |

For those investors who love a good comeback story, the recent performance of the Turnaround Portfolio may be just the right news item, at least if you have a little bit of faith to

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