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Microsoft on Thursday warned thousands of its cloud computing customers, including some of the world's largest companies, that intruders could have the ability to read, change or even delete their main databases, according to a copy of the email and a cyber security researcher.

The vulnerability is in Microsoft Azure's flagship Cosmos DB database. A research team at security company Wiz discovered it was able to access keys that control access to databases held by thousands of companies. Wiz Chief Technology Officer Ami Luttwak is a former chief technology officer at Microsoft's Cloud Security Group.

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The hacker who broke into T-Mobile US Inc’s (Nasdaq: TMUS) servers and stole personal data of more than 50 million former, current and prospective customers told The Wall Street Journal that the wireless carrier’s “awful” security made the breach easy to do.

John Binns, the 21-year-old American who took responsibility for the high-profile hack that was disclosed last week by the company, reportedly used an unprotected router as an entry point to breach T-Mobile’s data center near East Wenatchee, Washington.

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The U.S. government on Wednesday said it would work with industry to hammer out new guidelines to improve the security of the technology supply chain, as President Joe Biden appealed to private sector executives to "raise the bar on cybersecurity."

At White House meetings with Biden and members of his Cabinet, executives from Big Tech, the finance industry and infrastructure companies said they would do more about the growing threat of cyber attacks to the U.S. economy.

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China's Didi Global Inc on Monday confirmed the country's cyberspace administration had notified app stores to remove the ride hailing company's 25 apps and said the move could impact its revenue in the region.

U.S.-listed shares of Didi are 5% lower at 11:40am ET.

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The economic fallout from a significant cyberattack in the US could be worse than the damages caused by a major natural disaster, according to a newly-released study.

Published Monday by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) and insurance technology firm Intangic, the report found that the indirect effects of a breach, which include damage to a company’s reputation and its ability to attract investors and creditors, are more costly in the long term than the effects of property damage from extreme weather events.

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Cyber security company McAfee Corp (Nasaq: MCFE) said it has detected a vulnerability in Peloton Interactive Inc’s (Nasdaq: PTON) stationary exercise bicycles that enables hackers to access the equipment’s screen and potentially spy on riders through its microphone and camera.

In a report released Wednesday, McAfee said the threat most likely affects Peloton Bike+ in public, shared locations, such as hotels or gyms, because an attacker needs to physically access the screen using a USB drive containing a malicious code.