Bitcoin Short Covering to Test the Magic $6,000 Level and Trigger Media Cycle Frenzy

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Fundamentals in Bitcoin are confusing, and you are better off not looking at them until the market matures. This asset class is not a stock or a bond — it is the flight to quality asset in waiting.

Will Renewed Interest in Digital Assets by Banks Drive Crypto Adoption in 2019?

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With private banks' renewed interests in cryptocurrencies, some experts believe that the digital currencies will in future be a legitimate asset in investor's portfolio.

Can Western Union Inspire Mass Crypto Adoption?

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Western Union could become the first financial services brand to add cryptocurrencies to its international money transfer service.

​Looking for the Future of Cryptocurrency? Look at the History of Credit Cards

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For consumers to adopt cryptocurrency, they’ll have to see the incentives for them.

Never Mind The Cryptocurrency Prices: The Builders Are Alright

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Questions like “Will Ethereum topple Bitcoin?” are ultimately as constructive as “Will oranges topple potatoes?”

​Looking at the Insider Trading Accusations Between Coinbase and XRP

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The third largest cryptocurrency in the world should be celebrating this week, but instead there is reason to be concerned.

​Patrick Byrne's Words and Why the Bitcoin Price is a MacGuffin

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Why the real case is right underneath our nose...

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Lessons learned from Gold that apply to Traditional Finance and Crypto.