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Report: Uber IPO Could Put Company Value at $120 Billion

Report: Uber IPO Could Put Company Value at $120 Billion

Associated Press | |

Uber would be worth more than Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles combined.

Startups in Chile: Who are the Ones to Watch?

Amy Mathews | |

Chile is quickly gaining a reputation for becoming Latin America’s startup hub, with businesses creating global connections and providing valuable employment and an investment boost across the country.

Should You Invest in a Business Seeking Crowdfunding?

Anna Johansson | |

Equity crowdfunding is starting to become more popular, now that the rules and regulations for this method of business funding have begun to loosen.

​6 Exit Strategies for Startup Founders

Gary C. Bizzo | |

An exit strategy is a plan by founders to attract early stage investors with a way investors can get their money back plus profit.

Uber Appoints New Chief Marketing Officer

Cameron Samuel | |

As Uber prepares for an IPO, it appoints a new Chief Marketing Officer.

What Is an ICO And What Are the Risks of Investing In Them?

Kim Snider | |

Much like a company traded on a public exchange has an initial public offering, or IPO, to raise money from the general public, many crypto assets raise money through ICOs.

​Numbers Are Easy! How to Get Your Startup’s Financial Projections in Order with Expert Advice from Paul Hynek

Desireé Duffy | |

Knowing your numbers, and having confidence in your projections, could be what seals the deal for a potential investor.

ICOs: Are they Ponzi Schemes or the Future of Investing?

David Drake | |

Data from Dead Coins and other sites that track inactive coins shows that at least 1000 coins that have been created through ICOs are no longer active.

10 Hottest Places to Launch a Fintech Startup in Central and Eastern Europe

Amy Mathews | |

In Europe, a trend is emerging as investors discover opportunities outside of the established fintech hubs in London, Germany and France.

The Best Funded Startup in Each State

Visual Capitalist | |

The technology boom has unlocked new ways to work, collaborate, and build startups from anywhere.

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