Top Crowdfunding Platforms to Help Generate Funding for Startups

Top Crowdfunding Platforms to Help Generate Funding for Startups

J. Frank Sigerson | |

Discussing some of the well-known names in crowdfunding and what they bring to the table.

Should You Invest in a Business Seeking Crowdfunding?

Anna Johansson | |

Equity crowdfunding is starting to become more popular, now that the rules and regulations for this method of business funding have begun to loosen.

Exponential, Inc. (XPO(2)) Raises Funds From 22 Contributors in Goal to $500,000

Jacob Maslow | |

Two-thirds of households, at one time, gave to charity, but that rate has continually fallen after decades of strong charitable contributions.

​StartEngine: Leading Pioneer of Equity Crowdfunding

Reeve Markowski | |

Crowdfunding is on the verge of becoming the most disruptive force in the history of the capital markets.

Capital Investment Trends in the Blockchain Space

Edward Kim | |

Venture capital flows ticked up slightly in the first quarter of 2017 after two weak quarters in 2016. High water marks were established in 2015 and early 2016, following a sharp uptrend in both investment dollars and venture capital deals that began in

Crowdfunding: Where Is Everyone?

Scott Purcell | |

The future is still bright. It's just a little further away than we all originally hoped.

​The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis to Keynote Crowd Invest Summit

Ashley Dunham | |

The Profit star will join thousands of industry leading investors, startups, attendees and service providers at this year's conference.

What Company Types Are Best Suited to Use Reg A+ to Raise Capital or IPO

Rod Turner | |

At this stage, consumers are critically important.

Financial CHOICE Act Would Broaden Form S-3 Availability

David Feldman | |

Most of the bill relates to rollbacks of Dodd-Frank provisions that are better covered by those who follow issues affecting large financial institutions.

​The Startup Financing Model

Gary C. Bizzo | |

Knowing when and how much to ask for which investors is critically important.

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The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd through its subsidiary operates as a cannabinoid-based research and development company in Canada.


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