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What Type of Insurance Do You Need to Protect Yourself?

What Type of Insurance Do You Need to Protect Yourself?

Jacob Maslow | |

No matter how hopeful and confident you are, risks are still there. The question now is: what types of insurance does your company need?

Going Public? For Uber, Lyft and Others, Shutdown Slows IPOs

Associated Press | |

The partial government shutdown is slowing plans by some companies to issue stock to the public and potentially cutting off a key source of capital for the financial markets.

It's Not Too Late to Save Money on 2018 Business Taxes

Associated Press | |

Small business owners who are uneasy about their 2018 taxes might find they can save some money even though the year is over.

Business Valuations for Startups

Gary C. Bizzo | |

There are a lot of common factors that go into valuation methods for startups, but it all comes down to management, the idea, the industry and the economy.

Online Tools For Women Business Owners

Julia Novakovich | |

Women who may have struggled to find inspiration in their dream career before internet access became common may now be able to get the support and mentorship they need to be successful.

What Small Businesses Should Invest in to Help Ensure Success

Tommy Wyher | |

These are different areas that a small business should invest in so they can set themselves up for success.

The Importance of the Human Touch in a Digital World

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

Does the increasing reliance on technology mean we are losing the ability to effectively communicate with each other in person?

Finding the Right Words

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

Engagement means you are considering what it is your audience can hear and structuring your message around that.

What Is, Isn't Available for Businesses During Government Shutdown

Associated Press | |

Small business owners are increasingly feeling the impact of the partial government shutdown that's in its 17th day.

​2 Big Reasons Most Startups Fail

Gary C. Bizzo | |

It’s widely accepted that a lot of businesses don’t survive the first year. But hi-tech startups are a different story, because when they fail they fail big time.