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How Social Media Is Transforming Business

How Social Media Is Transforming Business

Melissa Burns | |

The way businesses interact with their customers today is fundamentally different than it was in pre-social media era – and if you want to succeed you should understand what exactly it entails.

​10 Signs You Are an Entrepreneur

Gary C. Bizzo | |

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. Sometimes it’s born out of need, sometime it is opportunistic or maybe it’s the only option.

Liabilities That Can Destroy Even Very Promising Startups

Tommy Wyher | |

Liabilities can topple even the best startups through freezing cash flow.

3 Reliable Ways to Win the Heart of an Angel Investor

Toby Nwazor | |

Getting funding from angel investors isn't supposed to be rocket science. To get them, connect with their emotions and get your facts and numbers straight and show them an exit strategy.

Why ICOs Cannot Be the New IPOs

Nicholas Kitonyi | |

Similarities can be drawn between ICOs and IPOs, but one will surely not replace the other.

Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Small Business

Jacob Maslow | |

To say that online reviews can make or break your business is an understatement. Here’s how reviews can either benefit or harm your small business.

How to See Your Startup as Accurately as Investors Do

Due | |

Ready for Investors? Here are a few tips to do an Honest Evaluation First

​12 Ways a Startup Founder Can Become a Global Influencer

Gary C. Bizzo | |

What exactly does it take?

​Understanding the Goals and Processes of Private Equity

Martin Stein | |

One of the best ways to be an informed investor in private equities is to understand how PE firms pursue their opportunities and encourage value in the companies they invest in.

How to Determine If Your Small Business Needs a Working Capital Loan

Desireé Duffy | |

Working capital is most often used for things like salaries, inventory, vendor payments, and emergencies that inevitably pop up. It sounds simple, but taking care of this essential asset can easily fall through the cracks.