Corporate Debt / Fixed Income

Is the Capitalist System Really Broken?

Leo Kolivakis | |

While I don't think it's broken, Ray Dalio and others recognize the severe structural problems plaguing the current system and how inherently unfair it has become.

Corporate Debt Is at Risk of a Flash Crash

John Mauldin | |

The US investment-grade bond universe is considerably more leveraged than it was ahead of the last recession.

How to Invest in Stocks Like a Venture Capitalist for Triple the Upside

Marin Katusa | |

The secret investment vehicle of the ultra rich is debt.

The Debt Time Bomb: Amend, Extend and Pretend

Marin Katusa | |

The real cost of borrowing money in the gold sector today is much higher than it was in 2011-2013. And make no mistake, the chickens will come home to roost.

How to Create the Biggest Credit Bubble in History

John Mauldin | |

Artificially low interest rates have created a massive credit bubble.

Should Investors Worry About the Maturity Wall? | |

The next 4 years will see $4.7 T of bonds mature across IG and speculative-grade debt. Defaults could begin to rise as firms are unable to refinance maturing debt at these higher rates of interest.

The Corporate Debt Bubble Is Strikingly Similar to the Subprime Mortgage Bubble

Robert Ross | |

And just like the housing market, people think this market can never go bust

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