IBM bets on blockchain to leverage cloud revenue

IBM bets on blockchain to leverage cloud revenue

Roberto Torres | |

Blockchain infrastructure helps propel the adoption of other cloud services, with IBM seeing "exponential client spend" on cloud services, beyond the cost of infrastructure implementation, Jerry Cuomo, VP of blockchain technologies at IBM Blockchain, told

Blockchain-managed healthcare records? Patients love it, physicians are skeptical

Michael Walter | |

​Blockchain technology is starting to gain popularity in the healthcare industry due to its ability to keep data safe and secure. So what do physicians and patients think about this growing trend? The team behind a recent study published in the Journal of

Telehealth Solution Highly Cost-Efficient for Heart Failure Patients

Samara Rosenfeld​ | |

​A telehealth solution for monitoring heart failure was highly cost-effective. Anne Sig Vestergaard, PhD, and colleagues studied 274 heart failure patients to assess the cost-effectiveness of telehealth as an add-on to standard care. The investigators f

Telehealth service providing mail-order menopause hormone replacement therapies launches

Dave Muoio, Laura Lovett​ | |

Women in California experiencing menopause can sign up for video consultations and prescription deliveries through CurieMD's new platform.

How blockchain could prevent future data breaches

Victoria Lemieux | |

​Just before the new year, approximately 15 million Canadians — about 40 per cent of the entire population of Canada — learned that their sensitive personal data, collected by one of Canada’s major lab diagnostic and testing services, had been breached.

Blockchain: the trust solution for the healthcare industry?

Judith Schuermans and Dr Sebastiaan van Herk | |

Blockchain is the technology powering many of the innovative trends making headlines the world over; just look at cryptocurrencies. With added value in terms of privacy, interoperability and real-time data management, it has certainly got our attention.

UNICEF Steps Up Blockchain Investments for Children

Maryanne Murray Buechner | |

Ethereum Classic Labs and the UNICEF Innovation Fund are partnering to drive blockchain-based solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems. Here's a look at the first three projects selected to receive funding and other support — and how they ai

Warner asks DEA to expedite substance abuse telehealth guidance

Equities Staff | |

A U.S. Senator is calling for the Drug Enforcement Administration to stop delaying providers from being able to treat patients using telehealth.​

​How blockchain can help improve patient identity matching and consent

Mike Miliard | |

During Converge2Xcelerate at the HIMSS Connected Health Conference, a blockchain expert and the CEO of DirectTrust put forth some ideas about how direct ledger technology could help solve a longstanding challenge.

George Matthew Red Carpet Interview with host Matt Bird - 2019 Conv2x | Traders Network Show – Equities News

Matt Bird | |

George Matthew, CMO of DXC Technology with host Matt Bird on the Traders Network Show - an Equities News original show

Blockchain in Fintech - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Financial Market Infrastructure


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