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David Nelson, CFA CMT | |

The recent run up to all-time highs has been on weak breadth and narrow participation. While most equity sectors were hit hard last week it was technology that took the brunt of the selling as investors headed for the exits dumping high beta secular growth stocks. It's hard to know just what the trigger was and maybe that isn't important.

Asset Class Returns from Peak

The growth to value trade continued as investors headed for the exits dumping the dance partners that drove th...

Michael McTague | |

The corona virus pandemic blocks out all other concerns. One worry we ought to face is the return of the Puritan spirit. Immortalized – and criticized – in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, the Puritan desire to eradicate evil returns at various times in history. Prohibition provides a powerful example – aimed at wiping out the evils of liquor. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, novels played a big part in persuading people to take on hot political issues. Uncle Tom’s Cabin offers the most dramatic example.

Jeff Kagan | |

U.S. Cellular has a new leader, Laurent Therivel, who became President and CEO as of July 1. What should we expect from U.S. Cellular under its new CEO? Let’s take a look at Therivel, U.S. Cellular, the wireless marketplace and what we can expect next.

At 45 years of age, Therivel came to U.S. Cellular after 10 years at AT&T. Most recently he was the CEO of AT&T Mexico. Before that he was COO of IPcelerate, a VoIP applications company.

Gary C. Bizzo | |

I took a government sponsored course on how to be an entrepreneur in the 1980s. Having struggled for years building a commercial photography business, I was amazed at what I didn't know. The instructor, Carl DeJong, has become my lifelong mentor and close friend.

The amazing thing I learned was that most of us travel this entrepreneurial journey stumbling along and learning by our mistakes. It's kind of like the necessary mantra one is told – try, try, and try, mistakes build...

David Nelson, CFA CMT | |

Investors from Wall Street to Main Street concerned there's a potential disconnect between the market and the economy are asking some tough questions. The 5 largest stocks by market cap represent 23% of the index. I doubt the fortunes of Apple, Microsoft or Amazon represent what’s taking place in your local community. Is it the absolute level of economic activity and employment or is it enough that the numbers are heading in the right direction to justify current prices...

Frank Holmes | |

If you woke up this morning from an eight-month coma and happened to glance through the business section of the newspaper, you’d be forgiven for being unaware of any economic slowdown.

Don’t get me wrong: Many businesses and families are still struggling. The number of Americans filing for initial jobless claims last week spiked above 1 million, while the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 remains high.

But there’s been much else to celebrate.

Business activ...

Ivan Martchev | |

While I am convinced that the Fed wants the U.S. dollar to be weaker, and is actively trying to nudge it lower, I think we are headed for a rebound in the next month or two. One reason is that there is an election coming, which increases uncertainty in financial markets, making the dollar a safe-haven trade.

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I do not believe that the doll...

Jeff Kagan | |

Most of the wireless industry continues to show strong growth, and I expect this to continue. Sure, there are a few issues the industry must deal with like retail stores, but generally speaking, wireless networks, handset makers, network builders and more continue to move forward with growth in their 5G buildout, with hardly a bump in the road.

Like air, water and food, wireless voice and data are becoming necessary for every business and every user. It is becoming an important way we c...

Craig Dempsey | |

Understand the key elements and commercial potential of Latin American workforces and take advantage of these labor resources when expanding your business in the region.

Latin America has demonstrated overall positive growth rates since the 2000s, despite experiencing some economic challenges and recent current political issues that have affected national or regional development.

This development, along with increased activity from foreign businesses, have contributed to an i...

Gary C. Bizzo | |

This article is not a political swipe or advocating for one country over another. It’s simply some observations from a Canadian who perceives the US, China and others going through formidable change.

The world has changed and geopolitics, national economies and the environment have altered the way we trade, work and live.

We are in the midst of a Tech War just as the USA signed a comprehensive trade deal with Canada and Mexico then with China. In fact, the first salvos indic...