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Last week there was good news for AT&T as it reached agreement with private equity firm TPG Capital to form a new video unit to operate DirecTV, AT&T TV and U-verse. This move sounds like just what AT&T needs.

As the company has expanded deeper into television and the movie industry, its growth potential looking forward is huge. As always, as it moves ahead, it needs to continue to adjust its focus to stay on track. This is what is happening with this TPG deal.

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Verizon and Verizon Wireless are looking better than they have in several years. The new CEO Hans Vestberg seems to be focusing on its core services, and the company looks stronger than ever.

Michael McTague | |

Despite its size and overall attractiveness, Brazil faces many challenges on its long journey to financial stardom.

Brian Wallace | |

A look at how Amazon sells 77% of the supplements market - more than the top 5 specialty vitamin sellers combined.

Brian Wallace | |

Your health is wealth. As we adjust to remote work, we're sitting at our computers at an increased rate, and it's so important to take care of our bodies. Check out the visual deep dive below on how taking care of your body and fixing muscle pain will help you be more effective in your business life.

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Why are the number of cable TV subscribers declining? This is an important question for investors, customers and workers in cable TV, pay TV, IPTV, wireless TV and more. What are the real reasons for the decline? Where are customers going, and why? Let’s take a closer look at this downward trend and look at companies that are moving in the right direction.

First, we must understand the world of television and entertainment has always been a continually changing space.

Brian Wallace | |

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we drive as well as migration patterns around the globe, which have led the way to significant insurance givebacks in the US.  In addition to this, the rise of mainstream autonomous vehicles will surely change the way auto insurance will be calculated - but how? Check out this deep dive visual for more:

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The wireless world has always been a very noisy place. With 5G and other technologies, all wireless players are trying their best to get their messages heard, so they can remain leaders in the market's eye. That being said, things have been eerily quiet at both T-Mobile and Dish Network's wireless operations. Why?

These are two different companies, two different approaches and two different stories, but they have plenty in common as well.

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The recent bombing in Nashville should be a wake-up call for all of us. This is an example of how devastatingly vulnerable we are as a digital society and economy. Over the last several decades I have warned the rapid transition to a digital future is good, but that it leaves us vulnerable. We need to move forward, but we also need to protect ourselves.

We believe that we are the most advanced country in the world. That may be. But that also means we are the most vulnerable.

Glyde | |

You’ve got a used phone (or a few) that you’re ready to sell. You’re looking to make a decent profit. But, when you start searching online, you realize there are dozens of sites where you can sell your used phone.

So where do you start?

Ultimately, there are multiple types of online marketplaces, all with their own pros and cons in areas such as profitability, fees, and seller protections. Keep reading to learn the details on the best places to s...