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Qualcomm's Metaverse Opportunity is Coming into Focus: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Qualcomm growth strategy seems to be defining the direction of the entire wireless industry. They have been riding the wireless growth wave for decades. Now, they are going beyond simply wireless. They are expanding their focus to 5G, AI, IoT, the cloud and the metaverse. Let’s see what that means for Qualcomm, their customers and investors, and for the entire industry going forward.

Their growth and expansion in the wireless industry has been and remains solid. Now...

Jack Dorsey and Twitter Battle With Elliott Management: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, and Elliott Management are getting ready to mix it up. Dorsey needs to focus on what's best for Twitter. Focus first on workers, then users, then investors.

5G Wireless Is Transforming Healthcare, Automotive: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

5G wireless is transforming other industries like healthcare and automotive. Health Tech and Automated Driving are growing and will transform our world. In fact, 5G will transform every industry.

How 5G Wireless, AI and IoT Are Changing Retail and How We Shop: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Retail is changing. 5G wireless, AI, IoT, VR and more are changing the way we shop. What are leading retailers doing? How are new retailers changing the space? This is both a risk and an opportunity.

Jeff Kagan: Can New IBM CEO Re-Ignite Watson AI Growth?

Jeff Kagan | |

New IBM CEO Arvind Krishna faces a challenge to re-ignite the Watson business in AI. IBM owned the AI space for years. Today other companies are in the noisy space and IBM is lost in the crowd.

Jeff Kagan: Will Streaming TV, HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock Succeed?

Jeff Kagan | |

Pay TV continues to change. Will streaming services or streaming TV like HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock and Apple TV+ be successful both in the short-term and long-term for investors and users?

Jeff Kagan: Top CEO Innovators Who Are Changing the World

Jeff Kagan | |

This is my list of the Top CEO Innovators who are changing our world.

Jeff Kagan: Will Verizon FiOS Mix and Match Disrupt Pay TV?

Jeff Kagan | |

Verizon FiOS pay TV says they want to disrupt cable TV with “Mix and Match”. Could this signal this wireless giant is now focused on growth once again? Will they succeed in changing Pay TV space?

Jeff Kagan: Will Verizon Stock Climb in 2020 After Slow 2019?

Jeff Kagan | |

Why was Verizon's growth less than AT&T's and T-Mobile's in 2019? Barron's said Verizon's performance was weak in 2019 and that will continue in 2020. What can they do to jump-start growth with 5G wireless?

Jeff Kagan: Top Wireless, Telecom and Tech Screw-Ups of 2019

Jeff Kagan | |

This past year has been full of successes and failures, ups and downs for industries, companies, products and services in wireless, telecom and tech. Let's take a closer look at some of the screwups.

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