​How Cameco is a Pure Play on Uranium

MoneyShow | |

Cameco provided an SEC filing that could be giving investors hope for nuclear.

​Why These Uranium Miners Have a Powerful Outlook

MoneyShow | |

The long-term investment case for uranium revolves around the demand side of the equation.

What's Next for the Precious Metals Rebound?

The Gold Report | |

A battle royale is brewing between gold bulls and commercial traders who are short gold.

5 of the Best Projects in Canada Poised to Leverage the Uranium Rebound

Palisade Capital | |

With Japan finally restarting some of its nuclear reactor fleet (two reactors have come online since August) and China continuing its breakneck reactor build-out (with 29 reactors in operation and

How Investors Can Profit from the Coming Uranium Supply and Demand Imbalance

The Energy Report | |

A Grand Canyon of supply deficit is opening up in the uranium markets, with 66 nuclear reactors under construction globally and more restarting in Japan. As Russia and China shore up their supply

Why Investors Need to Watch the Petrodollar Now More Than Ever

The Energy Report | |

You don't have to be a geologist or a workaholic fund manager to spot deals in the natural resources space—although it helps if you know a good one. Focus on the people behind the

Is Uranium Set to Pick Up?

The Energy Report | |

Uranium's price has been low and stagnant for years, but that's going to change, says Rob Chang of Cantor Fitzgerald Canada. Chang foresees volatility as the 2020 uranium deficit draws

Will China Become an Important Driver for Uranium

The Energy Report | |

Australia has a lock on a significant portion of the world's uranium reserves. Patersons Securities' Simon Tonkin is the go-to man for analyzing the Australian energy markets. In this

4 Uranium Stocks to Play the Rise of Nuclear Power

The Energy Report | |

Nuclear power is enjoying a renaissance, and the world will soon need more uranium. Up to 50% more within a decade, says Joe Reagor of ROTH Capital. In this interview with The Mining Report, he

Does Uranium Still Have a Bright Future?

The Energy Report | |

Smart energy investors pay attention when Dundee Capital Markets' David A. Talbot speaks. With decades of experience as a geologist and financial analyst, Talbot knows his game. He puts his

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