​New York State Will be a Major Domino for Legal Cannabis

Lucas J. Wentworth | |

New York State will be the second largest and most populous state to fully legalize cannabis, after California. It could certainly affect the national debate on legalization

8 Cannabis Trends to Watch in 2019

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The big marijuana experiment, on a large scale, is opening new opportunities for 2019...but for who?

​A Primer on Small-Cap Cannabis Companies to Watch in 2019

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A few cannabis companies to keep your eye on in 2019.

Kalytera Shows Positive Phase 2 Data with CBD in Acute Graft vs Host Disease (GvHD)

Edward Kim | |

Interim data from first cohort shows no patients have developed severe or life-threatening GvHD (Image: Kalytera Therapeutics)

What Does the Future of Cannabis De-Scheduling and Legalization Look like Moving into 2019?

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The future of cannabis is looking bright.

How Does CBD Work, Anyway?

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Why is CBD considered so miraculous by some?

​iAnthus and MPX Bio's Conglomerate Might Further Accelerate the U.S. Cannabis Market

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iAnthus Capital Holdings and their pending merger with MPX Bioceutical represent one of the biggest upcoming shakeups across the cannabis landscape.

Are Cannabis Partnerships Key to the Industry's Future?

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As the cannabis industry continues what seems like inevitable progress, investors must keep in mind that the strongest companies may emerge from the strongest partnerships.

​This CBD Beverage Company Just Tapped into Distribution Deals that Open up California and Florida

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American Premium Water Corp. has quickly set up a multi-layered distribution network for its CBD beverage.

​Australian-Based Elixinol Global has a Portfolio that Demonstrates the True Versatility of Hemp

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Elixinol Global Limited has posted increasing retail sales thanks to some holiday promotions combined with booking 110% in organic revenue growth.