What You Need to Know to Invest in Cannabis Companies

Brian O'Connell | |

Finding the best cannabis stocks can be quite difficult. You can increase the likelihood of getting a huge return on your investment by checking key information.

​3 Reasons to really like MediPharm Labs (MLCPF)

Stephen L Kanaval | |

The company just booked $10 million in revenue for Q4.

​The Largest U.S. Cannabis Acquisition Just Happened

Stephen L Kanaval | |

And it would make the 6th largest cannabis company by market cap if the deal goes through

​Three Small Canadian Cannabis Operators Who Made Hay in March

Stephen L Kanaval | |

With the consolidation in Canada, a number of small producers made important moves in March.

​Will Cannabis be Federally Legal by 4/20 Next Year?

Lucas J. Wentworth | |

The reality of federal illegality can't and shouldn't be forgotten or lost in the smoke.

​5 Cannabis Companies Reporting Soon that You Should be Paying Attention To

Stephen L Kanaval | |

CWBHF, GRWG, ITHUF, GTBIF and VRNDF are all important names to know in the weeks ahead.

​CBD Integrated Companies on NASDAQ: Net Element (NETE)

Stephen L Kanaval | |

NETE has been kicked around by the markets, but does a cannabis multiple give their strong technology new life?

New cannabis industry gains expected via CBD wellness market

J. Frank Sigerson | |

The cannabis industry includes not only medicinal and recreational products but wellness products as well. CBD products are the new drivers of this sector.

​Cannabis Investing: What Canopy Growth saw in Slang Worldwide (SLG:CNX)

Stephen L Kanaval | |

Slang worldwide is a company that will grow as the market grows making it a great cannabis stock to watch.

​Topical Creams Might Represent the Easiest Mass-Market Entry Point for CBD

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CVS Pharmacy recently announced it would be selling CBD products in eight states as alternative pain relief [Image:]