Why ​CBD is the Key to Unlocking the Cannabis Industry's Potential

Why ​CBD is the Key to Unlocking the Cannabis Industry's Potential

Ethan Andersen | |

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the principle compound in cannabis responsible for wellness benefits.

4/20: A Mile Marker for the Cannabis Industry

Ethan Andersen | |

Happy 4/20 to the cannabis aficionados out there...

Canada Plans for Full Cannabis Legalization

David Feldman | |

Can we follow the lead of the Great White North?

The Appetite for Cannabis Investments is Burgeoning Evidenced by the Aurora Cannabis Deal

Equities Research | |

It is also a significant milestone for the industry when the broker is willing to take down an entire deal (bought deal private placement), and this is happening for companies in the sector showing that the appetite for cannabis investments is burgeoning.

​Payment Processing in the Cannabis Industry

Wil Ralston | |

Once banks get involved in credit card processing, we could see some major industry growth...

Full Legalization of Cannabis in Canada Could be Realized in 2018

Ryan Fink | |

This has been a long time coming in the Great White North...

​5 Cannabis Companies We’re Thankful For on National Weed Appreciation Day

Stephen L Kanaval | |

Here are five cannabis companies that have good reason to celebrate on National Weed Appreciation Day

Viridian Cannabis Stock Index Flattens in Week Ended March 17, 2017

Viridian Capital Advisors | |

Viridian Cannabis Stock Index flattened in week ended March 17, 2017 as decline abated.

New York Allows Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

David Feldman | |

Chronic pain has been shown to be meaningfully aided by cannabis.

Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker for the Week Ended March 17, 2017

Viridian Capital Advisors | |

Over $400 million raised by companies in the cannabis industry year-to-date!

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