What Will the Cannabis Industry Look Like in Five Years?

What Will the Cannabis Industry Look Like in Five Years?

Ethan Andersen | |

There is little doubt amongst industry insiders that the cannabis industry as we know it today will be vastly different in only five years.

The Growing Trend of Cannabis-Focused Media

Lucas J. Wentworth | |

With the rise of the internet and social media, cannabis-focused media has taken on entirely new forms.

Reaching New Highs in AI Technology and Legal Medical Cannabis

Desireé Duffy | |

The green tide of medical cannabis is beginning to reach a tipping point in modernization.

The Importance of Quality Branding and Marketing in the Legal Cannabis Industry

Lucas J. Wentworth | |

In an increasingly crowded space, quality branding and marketing is essential for cannabis companies to succeed.

An Overview of Public Cannabis Investment Opportunities

Evan Eneman | |

The global cannabis market, and the industry at-large, is embarking into unexplored waters and no one can predict with confidence what will come next.

Players Network: Restructured and Refocused on Core Cannabis Business

Equities Research | |

30 states and Washington DC now permit medical cannabis use, with recreational use legal in nine states + DC.

​Advice to Entrepreneurs on Navigating the Licensing and Regulatory Landscapes of Legal Cannabis

Lucas J. Wentworth | |

Cannabis' ambiguous legal status creates unique legal challenges and an uncertain future for entrepreneurs looking to develop businesses to break in this industry.

The 6,000-Year History of Medical Cannabis

Visual Capitalist | |

Medical cannabis has been used for its therapeutic properties for thousands of years, by many different cultures around the world.

​How to Find Your Investable Moment in Canada’s Massive Cannabis Market

MoneyShow | |

Recreational marijuana use will be legal in Canada this October. Does the analyst community members have got their revenue models priced correctly for upcoming demand growth?

​Alliance One International Grows from Tobacco to Cannabis

MoneyShow | |

As tobacco sales fall, Alliance One is branching out into the cannabis industry.

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