Bulls Blinked - But Don't Get Too Bearish

George Brooks | |

The Bulls blinked and the Bears took charge yesterday as evidence of an economy rebounding from a deep freeze was slow in coming this week.       But just as the Bulls

Big Move in Offing?

George Brooks | |

    TODAY:    Yesterday was surprisingly quiet. I suspect institutions were agonizing over what to do. Jump in and maybe they get clothes-lined by a nasty gap down.

Bears Put to the Test

George Brooks | |

TODAY: Yesterday’s early rally failed to follow through. While not a classic rally “failure,” where the market gives back all of the day’s gain, it suggested hesitancy to

Today - A Test for the Bulls

George Brooks | |

Presently, the market will be marching to Q1 earnings reports and resulting revisions in guidance and estimated for Q2 and beyond – white knuckle time for some. TECH STOCKS:   

Selling Climax Still to Come ?

George Brooks | |

SUMMARY:    We didn’t get a big sell off at the open yesterday, and the bounce was unimpressive. Without a big push this week, the most we can expect is a two-three day pause

Spring Surge Still in the Cards

George Brooks | |

SUMMARY:    On Friday I, wrote, “Monday opportunity in the first 10 minutes of trading ?” I was expecting last week’s plunge to follow through today in a big flush of

Swing Factor: Q1 Earnings, Spring Rebound

George Brooks | |

SUMMARY:    Part of yesterday’s strength was short covering, but the real thrust came from institutions scrambling to pick up stocks at attractive prices before they ran up too

A Technical Look as Beazer Beats on Earnings, Targets Profitability in Fiscal 2014

Andrew Klips | |

Despite posting a net loss for the recent quarter, Beazer Homes USA Inc. (BZH) , a top ten U.S. homebuilder, believes that it is on a path to record its first profitable fiscal year in almost a

Revenues Up and Net Loss Shrinks for Beazer Homes in Second Quarter

Andrew Klips | |

Beazer Homes USA Inc. (BZH) skinnied their net loss in the latest quarter compared to the year earlier as an ever-recovering housing industry helped boost revenue, closings and backlog of orders.

NYSE Euronext and IntercontinentalExchange to Merge in $8.2 Billion Deal

Andrew Klips | |

The age of independence for the iconic New York Stock Exchange looks to be coming to an end. Thursday morning the NYSE Euronext (NYX) agreed to be acquired by fellow exchange operator

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