Why Airlines Are the Next Big Trade

Jared Dillian | |

If everyone hates It, buy it.

Stop Losses: Where To Draw The Line?

Chuck Fulkerson | |

Stop losses allow for locking in profits and avoiding catastrophe.

Oil is Surging... But the Real Gains are in Clean Energy

Daniel Banas | |

It's hard to fathom how much clean energy has grown over the past few years...

​Bad Behavior at Whole Foods (WFM) and the Case for Bigger Fines

Joel Anderson | |

Whole Foods (WFM) settled for a paltry $500,000 fine for defrauding New York customers, and it's indicative of a broader culture that promotes corporate malfeasance.

And That Was the Week That Was - 6/29/15-7/2/15

Joel Anderson | |

The Week in Major Indices S&P 500: -1.22% Russell 3000:

What the Oil Collapse Told Us About Shale Producers

The Energy Report | |

U.S. shale oil producers have responded to the oil price collapse so quickly, and with such discipline, that they've shown they are able to turn production on and off as if with a light

4 Junior Oil & Gas Stocks to Play the Energy Rebound

The Energy Report | |

With crisis comes opportunity, as the saying goes, and Angelos Damaskos, principal adviser of the Junior Oils Trust, has capitalized on the panicked selloff of junior oil and gas companies to

Bring your M&A Game

Michael Van Dulken | |

Last month saw the announcement of one the biggest UK M&A (mergers and acquisitions) deals in a while, with Royal Dutch Shell ($RDS.A) set to gobble

Crude Oil Spike is a Selling Opportunity

Andy Waldock | |

The crude oil market is dominated by the global commercial traders. Their collective actions within the marketplace reflect the most thoroughly researched best guess consensus of future prices. We

Financial Blogger Profile: Paula Pant (Afford Anything)

Daniel Banas | |

At, we’ve always been focused on building an active community among the leading voices within the world of finance.   As with many other fields, in finance, we’ve

Blockchain in Healthcare - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Digital Health - How Blockchain technology can make health care systems more patient-centric and sustainable


Sohn Investment Conference

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