The Future of Blockchain in the Cannabis Industry

The Future of Blockchain in the Cannabis Industry

Sean Caputo | |

As blockchain and cannabis become further intertwined, the former can help lift the veil from the latter.

The Pandora's Box of Online Dating

Wendy Glavin — Glavin's Tech Talk | |

How do you know if you're being matched with a real person?

In Our Digital World, You Are Being Followed

Wendy Glavin — Glavin's Tech Talk | |

Building Trusted and “Trustless” Capital Markets for Everyone

Juan Hernandez | |

Juan Hernandez of Openfinance, using the example of Mexican tandas, builds the case that blockchain may enable wealth creation to be available to all and not just an elite few.

How Gaming Could Drive Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Adoption

Michael Kuchar | |

Gaming could be the app that drives broad adoption of this potentially transformative technology.

Complying with New York’s BitLicense Framework

Michael B. Saryan and Charles S. Kaufman | |

A look at the BitLicense framework’s requirements and the controversy over its effectiveness.

Data Privacy is Dead, But We Can Fix It

Wendy Glavin — Glavin's Tech Talk | |

The loss of data privacy happened under our watch — and we can fix it.

Technology Will Shift the Headwinds Facing Healthcare Stocks

Luis Aureliano | |

Healthcare stocks have been lagging, but with new technology unlocking more value, this will change very soon.

KaratGold Coin’s Blockchain-Powered IMpulse K1 Smartphone Ensures Secure Communications for Cryptocurrency Users

Richard Parker | |

The new phone features cutting-edge, security-focused solutions.

ODEM Partners with SAIT To Grant Blockchain-Based Diplomas

CommPRO Global, Inc. | |

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) will grant digital diplomas to over 4,800 graduating students.


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Blockchain in Mobility - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Mobility and Transportation