Charting Fintech Investment in 2016

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Overall numbers are down, but banks are stepping up their game...

Turns Out Banks Are Terrible Stock Pickers

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These are supposed to be the experts, people.

​A Global Derivatives Expert Shines the Light on Systematic Risk

David Galland | |

Let's try to untangle the global derivatives mess...

Bats Global Markets Prices IPO at $19, Raising $250 Million

Henry Truc | |

Can Bats wake the sleeping IPO market?

The 21st Century's Railroad Barons: Exploring Wall Street's Conflict of Interest Problem

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"Competition is a sin." --Attributed to John D. Rockefeller One of the greatest monopoly stories in US history is that of the American railroad. During the nineteenth and

Lend Academy's Peter Renton on the 2014 LendIt Conference

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Early last month, most of the world’s primary experts in the field of online lending descended on San Francisco for the 2nd Annual LendIt conference to discuss all things peer-to-peer and

High-Yield Blue-Chip Banks

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Dividend investing can be a safe, effective way to play the market. Many companies are loathe to pay out too much of a guaranteed return to investors, assuming they want to keep the money to spend

A Closer Look at ETF Issuers

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Once an investor is familiar with what an exchanged-traded fund (ETF) is, why they should consider investing in them, and some of the alternative ETF types at their disposal, it’s time to

Investing as Shakespearean Tragedy: The Story of Ariad Pharmaceutical (ARIA)

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Shares in Ariad Pharmaceuticals (ARIA) were up 10.78 percent on Veterans Day. Even for a small-cap like Ariad, coming in at a valuation just under a half billion dollars, that’s normally

Leading ETFS (SPY, QQQ) Fall on Sneakily Dreary Economic News

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Modest market losses in the wake of the recently released economic data for the United States pushed down major equities ETFs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was off nearly half a percent, the

Humanity. 2.0 - Opening Address at the Vatican

The opening address was delivered by Rev. Philip Larrey, Chairman of. Humanity 2.0, and Matthew. Sanders, CEO & Founder of Humanity 2.0.


Sohn Investment Conference

Wall Street’s best and brightest investors participate in this unique, “must attend” event to share their expertise with an audience of more than 3,000 people, comprised of portfolio managers, asset…

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