AVZ Investors Ask: Who is Dathomir International?

AVZ Investors Ask: Who is Dathomir International?

George Bailey | |

AVZ has become a popular stock for investors looking for exposure to lithium, a key raw material in electric vehicle and smartphone batteries.

How a “Bear” Outperforms in a Rising Market

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How is it possible that a “bear” can position their portfolios for the likelihood of a credit downturn and continue to outperform?

​Is Australia Warning About Our Future?

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Australia could be a warning indicator of what could happen here as our 610-day cycle matures

The Dirty Dozen Sectors of Global Debt

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A good way to assess where the global credit cycle is at is to look for pockets of dodgy debt.

Invest in the Solution for Buffett’s “Number One Problem for Mankind”

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Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent, complex and sophisticated, with potential for far-reaching, systemic impacts increasing.

AUD/USD – Where to from Here?

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The Australian dollar has traded a wide up-trending range against the $US since early 2016, though appears to have broken below this range more recently.

Australian House Price Valuation Update: What’s Cheap, What’s Expensive?

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Recent data of Australian real estate shows that while Sydney property remains relatively overvalued, several other capital cities now appear relatively cheap.