10 Small and Mid-Cap Utility Stocks for Stormy Weather

Michael Teague | |

The Commerce Department said on Monday that there was a modest 0.2 percent increase in consumer spending during the month of March.The increase was largely the result of higher demand for

Wall Street Continues its Losses Amid Cyprus Uncertainty and the Fed’s Open Market Committee

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The Cypriot parliament’s 36-19 vote rejecting an E.U. bailout deal that would impose a revised levy on private bank accounts gave cause for further uncertainty on Wall Street on Tuesday, as

MLP General Partners: A Lucrative Math Problem

Hinds Howard | |

MLP general partners have outperformed consistently in recent years.  This week, we have seen MLP general partners separate themselves further.  Notably, from Friday through Tuesday, Kinder

Small Cap Utilities Stocks with Dividends

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Utilities certainly aren't the sexiest investment category. Most investors dream of massive returns on incredible growth from that small cap tech company that takes off and never stops. For

Utilities Stocks Had a Big Year in 2011

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Utilities have had a relatively strong year in 2011, with the Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLU) showing a 15 percent improvement since January and an over 20 percent jump since its 52-week

Are We...........Or Aren't We ?

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Brooksie's Daily Stock Market blog  - An edge before the openWednesday, August 17, 2011      9:11 am EDTDJIA:  11,405.93     S&P 500: 1192.76Not a bad performance. The market

Blockchain in Healthcare - Discussion at the EU Parliament

From the recent Blockchain For Europe Summit in Brussels: Panel on Digital Health - How Blockchain technology can make health care systems more patient-centric and sustainable


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