Athersys, Inc (ATHX): Shorts Must Cover Where Phase 3 Looms

Matthew Paul | |

Massive Selloff-ATHX Investors Cash-In on News of Lower Valued Secondary Offering

Athersys + 16% Leads the Fight Against Ischemic Strokes With Promising Q4 and Year-End Results

Destiny A. Lopez | |

Athersys, up 16%, closes 2015 with a solid operational and financial performance.

Why the Future of Regenerative Medicine is Worth Fighting For

The Life Sciences Report | |

Stem cell, gene therapy and genetically modified cell therapy companies have begun to attract serious capital from investors who understand biotechnology and have the wherewithal to move products

When Should Investors Cash in on Biotechs?

The Life Sciences Report | |

The biotech sector is teeming with companies racing to bring the hot new drug or therapy to the marketplace. But realistically assessing the therapeutic potential of pipeline products is the

Novel Therapies with Potential to Be the Next Biotech Blockbuster

The Life Sciences Report | |

When Steve Brozak performs diligence on biotech stocks, he's always looking for an angle. Brozak, president and managing director at WBB Securities, wants to see how new technology platforms

Biotech Investors Need to Focus on Catalysts

The Life Sciences Report | |

When progress is made in drug development, value is created. Investors recognize that progress by purchasing shares in companies when milestones—which act as catalysts—are met. The

Understanding the Impact of Clinical Trials on Shareholder Value

Andrew Klips | |

Clinical trial data can move a stock price like virtually nothing else on Wall Street. Given the proclivity for volatility, investing in small- and mid-cap biotech is definitely not for the faint

Opportunities in Regenerative Medicine

Guild Investment Management | |

Readers will likely remember the political fights that have happened over the past decade around the use of embryonic stem cells. Stem cells are so-called “pluripotent” cells -- they

DJIA Up Big on Pfizer’s Buyout Bid

Jacob Harper | |

News that the US government would pay off a sizable chunk of its debt and the possible marriage of two major drug conglomerates saw the S&P and DJIA rise as the markets continue their run

Athersys (ATHX) Shares Down by One Half On Failed Clinical Trial

Joel Anderson | |

Shares in clinical-stage biotechnology company Athersys (ATHX) plunged over 55 percent on Monday following the release of clinical data from its clinical study using the company’s MultiStem

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