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Jeff Kagan: Tech Growth Wave Is Shortening and Intensifying

Jeff Kagan: Tech Growth Wave Is Shortening and Intensifying

Jeff Kagan | |

Executives and investors need to understand the growth curve their company is on. Every growth wave rises, crests and falls. Understanding where you are and creating the next wave helps you succeed.

Jeff Kagan: Retail Becoming Customer Unfriendly

Jeff Kagan | |

Retail is using new technology and practices which are customer unfriendly. This helps the investor short-term, but hurts the company, customers and the investor long-term.

Jeff Kagan: Companies That Will Grow With Wi-Fi 6 Wireless

Jeff Kagan | |

Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of wireless Wi-Fi. Combined with 5G this will be a powerful dynamic-duo for investors, users and workers who know which companies to focus on.

Jeff Kagan: Finally, Sanity in FTC vs. Qualcomm Case

Jeff Kagan | |

The US Court of Appeals issued a decision on the FTC vs. Qualcomm case, that actually made sense. What this means for Qualcomm and the rest of the wireless industry with 5G.

Jeff Kagan: Will 5G and Smartphone Price Increases Stick?

Jeff Kagan | |

Smartphone prices have increased in recent years for two reasons. One, is lack of innovation and slower sales. Two, 5G. Is this new, high priced world going to stick around?

Jeff Kagan: Investors, Users Don’t Like Tech Innovation Slump

Jeff Kagan | |

Investors and users search for companies who lead with innovation. But today innovation is hard to find in smartphones, apps, automotive, search engines, security systems, social networks and more.

Jeff Kagan: Why Apple Violates User Privacy with Siri

Jeff Kagan | |

Why Apple Siri, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Android, Cortana and AI in general invades user privacy and what can be done to protect users.

Jeff Kagan: Amazon and Synchronoss Team To Help Wireless Carriers

Jeff Kagan | |

Synchronoss Technologies partnered with Amazon to help wireless carriers capture market share by using new technology and improving customer care with Digital Experience Platform or DXP.

Jeff Kagan: Google, Facebook Admit Privacy Invasion. What’s Next?

Jeff Kagan | |

Google Home admitted invading user privacy by listening in on conversations. Facebook was fined $5 billion by FTC for privacy invasion. How will this impact them? How do we protect ourselves?

Jeff Kagan: Sprint Needs Backup Plan If T-Mobile Merger Denied

Jeff Kagan | |

If the merger with T-Mobile is denied, Sprint needs a Plan B. This is what Sprint should be focused on with 5G wireless so they can succeed.


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