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How Companies Can Succeed in AI Winter: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |


Emile Seguin | Unsplash

Industry observers say we’re about to enter the next AI Winter. (Yes, it’s a thing.) 

Artificial Intelligence emerged more than 60 years ago, and in that timeframe we have seen many AI Winters. While I don’t believe the coming winter will be as severe as the others, by all accou...

The Future of Smartphones is Still Unfolding: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Innovation is key when it comes to growth in technology. Smartphones are no exception. In fact, upon launch, innovation with the original iPhone and Android systems quickly exploded with growth. That sent one-time leaders down. The foldable phone was introduced just a few short years ago. How hot will the foldable smartphone market become, and will it take the leadership position?


So far, from what I see, while the foldable phone will never become a replace...

How Amazon Photos Goes Too Far During COVID-19: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Let me share two different stories with you and ask your opinion. One story brought smiles to a user. The other, tears. This is about how Amazon Photos sent an album of photos to users who store them on the site. Some photos show pictures of struggling through COVID-19 and even death. This was not asked for by the user. Let’s explore if Amazon Photos is breaching privacy and hurting customers.

Matt Bird Appointed New President of 'Equities News' -

Equities News Editorial Team | |

Matt Bird Appointed New President of Equities News ( "Matt is one of the most influential and well-revered corporate strategists and communications executives in the world." states CEO.

America Will Win the COVID-19 Coronavirus War: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

America will get through the Covid-19 or coronavirus crisis. In fact, so will the entire world. We will develop vaccines like the flu shot and effective treatments. Hydroxychloroquine may be a possible answer.

Jack Dorsey and Twitter Battle With Elliott Management: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, and Elliott Management are getting ready to mix it up. Dorsey needs to focus on what's best for Twitter. Focus first on workers, then users, then investors.

5G Wireless Is Transforming Healthcare, Automotive: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

5G wireless is transforming other industries like healthcare and automotive. Health Tech and Automated Driving are growing and will transform our world. In fact, 5G will transform every industry.

How 5G Wireless, AI and IoT Are Changing Retail and How We Shop: Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan | |

Retail is changing. 5G wireless, AI, IoT, VR and more are changing the way we shop. What are leading retailers doing? How are new retailers changing the space? This is both a risk and an opportunity.

Maria Palombini Exclusive Interview at Converge2Xcelerate | Traders Network Show – Equities News

Matt Bird | |

Maria Palombini, Director of Communities & Initiatives Development, Emerging Tech for IEEE-SA on the Traders Network Show - an Equities News original show.​

Jeff Kagan: Can New IBM CEO Re-Ignite Watson AI Growth?

Jeff Kagan | |

New IBM CEO Arvind Krishna faces a challenge to re-ignite the Watson business in AI. IBM owned the AI space for years. Today other companies are in the noisy space and IBM is lost in the crowd.

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