Market Power Wielded by US Tech Giants Concerns IMF Chief

Guardian Web | |

Lagarde called for more competition in Tech to protect economies and individuals.

​How NetApp Builds Value with Cloud Data Services

MoneyShow | |

NetApp has several powerful partners, including IBM, VMware, Cisco, Microsoft, and Fujitsu.

​Price Action for Amazon’s Shares Good Bell Weather for Market Sentiment

Michael Markowski | |

The price action of the shares is indicative that a secular bear market is underway.

Jeff Bezos v the World: Why All Companies Fear 'Death by Amazon'

Guardian Web | |

“All Amazon had to do was pick the best one and copy it.”

Dropbox Makes a Big Splash in the Equities Pool

Luis Aureliano | |

The Dropbox IPO came at an interesting time in the industry.

​Jeff Kagan: Has Tesla Stock Seen It’s Best Days?

Jeff Kagan | |

A bet on Tesla is a long-term bet on the future.

Bezos' Bull

William Corley | |

An investment in Amazon “the company” has been a high-stakes gamble; but wagering on Bezos early on was a sure bet.

​Pharmacy Picks for the Value Investor

MoneyShow | |

Highlighting two quality opportunities in the rapidly evolving drugstore sector.

​NVIDIA Is Powered by AI, Augmented Reality and Self-Driving Vehicles

MoneyShow | |

NVIDIA has become the undisputed leader in gaming, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and self-driving vehicles.

​New Technology Cuts Down Impurities Associated with Hangovers

Spotlight Companies | |

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CVAT) is poised to disrupt an entire industry because it presents a unique way to produce spirits that are less likely to cause hangovers.

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