LD Micro Invitational Conference Coming Next Week

Edward Kim | |

LD Micro is hosting its 7th annual Invitational Conference for microcap companies in Los Angeles next week. Events begin Monday afternoon, June 5th, and continue through Wednesday, June 7th.

Stop Worrying about the Fed and Love Biotech

Edward Kim | |

Don't worry about the Fed meeting. Rates are going up. No surprises. To borrow from Stanley Kubrick, stop worrying and learn to love biotech: AEMD, TNXP, REPH.

​As Mosquito Season Wanes, Will Zika Stocks Stay Hot?

Henry Truc | |

Will investors stick around or buzz off?

Aethlon Med (AEMD) is the Quiet Killer of the Zika Virus with Hemopurifier

Stephen L Kanaval | |

The company’s studies showed a 95% clearance rate of Zika in cells in culture fluid for 5.5 hours and the rate dropped to 50% in serum for 5 hours, both with the help of the Hemopurifier.

FDA-Approved Study on Hemopurifier could Protect Against Zika

Stephen L Kanaval | |

Aethlon Medical Inc. (AEMD) announced the first FDA-approved study of Hemopurifier® therapy as a countermeasure for viral diseases.

Early Warning Concussion Test (CTE) for NFL Players

Stephen L Kanaval | |

Aethlon Medical (AEMD) is at the forefront testing NFL players for head injuries to detect CTE caused by repeated head impacts. This highly publicized study worked with 78 former-NFL players.

8 Ways to Leverage the Small-Cap Biotech Bull Market

The Life Sciences Report | |

SeeThruEquity's Ajay Tandon and Jay Albany are riding the biotech bull by harnessing the huge upside potential of micro-cap companies working in multiple subsectors, particularly in the

Why Healthcare Investors Shouldn't Ignore the Booming MedTech Space

The Life Sciences Report | |

Medical technology is not considered a huge-margin investment in the way that the biotech and drug industries are. However, some of today's medtech blurs the line, including hybrid companies

4 Small-Cap Medical Device Stocks with Healthy Prospects for Growth

The Life Sciences Report | |

In the U.S., the medical device and diagnostics industry has been burdened with conflicting regulations that have delayed commercialization and complicated reimbursement. In this interview, Brian

Concussions in the NFL Adding Some Much Needed Attention to Brain Conditions

Andrew Klips | |

The National Football League has taken big steps with rule changes, and fine incidence and costs in the last couple years to try and better protect players, especially from head injuries. Citing

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