​Robotics Is the Next Big Trend of the 2020s, but Its Facebook Equivalent Is Still Unknown

Ong Kai Kiat | |

Whenever a nascent trend is identified, it presents early investors with the exponential growth.

Rise of the Machines: Investing in Robotic Companies

Tony Sagami | |

I was raised on a small vegetable farm near Tacoma, Washington. My father hired lots of high school kids to work the fields in the summer. In February of 1968, when the minimum wage was increased

Robotics: New Applications, Mass Technologies

Guild Investment Management | |

Robots have been a theme of science fiction for nearly a century, and a gleam in investors’ eyes for about half that time. As with many such secular themes, especially technological ones,

ABB Agrees to Buy Power-One for Approximately $1 Billion

Andrew Klips | |

In the first big merger news of the week, on Monday the boards of Zurich-based engineering company ABB Ltd. (ABB) and Power-One Inc. (PWER) have agreed to terms in which ABB will acquire renewable

Equities Sector Coverage: Wall Street Recovers to Post Gains for Week

Sector Recap | |

The Consumer Price Index rose 0.2% in January. Leading Indicators rose 0.4% in January to the highest reading since July 2008.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied to a new year to date high

Equities Sector Coverage: Stocks Unable to Recoup from Lower Open

Sector Recap | |

The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded to a day’s low at 12,793.43 then consolidated well below its May 2nd 2011 high at 12,876.00. The NASDAQ traded between 2887.33 and 2903.03. The S&P

Equities Sector Coverage: Opportunistic Investors Help to Reverse Early Losses

Sector Recap | |

Personal Income rose 0.5% in December but Spending was flat as the Savings Rate increased to 4% from 3.5%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded down to a day’s low at 12,529.41 on Monday,

Equities Sector Coverage: Optimists Take Hold of Market

Sector Recap | |

There were no economic data points and the bond markets were closed on Columbus Day. The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged to 11,394.81 on Monday on the European pledge to help banks. The NASDAQ

Market Needs Rest - Also Included: Infrastructure Special

George Brooks | |

Brooksie’s Daily Stock Market blog  -  an edge before the market opensThursday, September 1, 2011        9:09 am EDTDJIA: 11,613.53          S&P 500: 1218.89Wall Street’s

Are We...........Or Aren't We ?

George Brooks | |

Brooksie's Daily Stock Market blog  - An edge before the openWednesday, August 17, 2011      9:11 am EDTDJIA:  11,405.93     S&P 500: 1192.76Not a bad performance. The market

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