Myth No. 3: Banks Don’t Lend Money

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A widespread myth holds that banks are not lending. A polemic about why banks not lending prevents the economy from jump starting usually follows. Like all business myths, it sounds credible. And

Equities Sector Coverage: Friday Jobs Data Unnerves Market Investors

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Initial Jobless Claims came in at 409,000 well above the 350,000 recessionary threshold. Nonfarm productivity declined 0.7% in the second quarter, the steepest decline since Q4 2008. Unit labor

Equities Roundup: Wall Street Flat As Historically Worst Month For Stocks Start

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Stocks are sliding lower today but have been mostly trading flat as the market may be cooling off from its recent run up. August proved to be a volatile month, and September has traditionally been

3 Companies Profiting from China's Rise

Brittney Barrett | |

China has fast been climbing the ladder of largest global economies, surpassing Japan earlier in the year for the number two spot and setting its sights on the U.S. Still, many investors are wary

Investors Trimming Risk Ahead of Economic Data

Scott Redler | |

Stock futures are marginally lower Thursday morning as it seems investors are ready to wait for two big economic numbers that kick off each month. Because the 1st day of the month comes on a

Equities Sector Coverage: Market Retakes Positive Territory For 2011

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Mortgage Applications tumbled 9.6% last week with for purchases near a fifteen year low. The demand for refinancings slumped 12.2%. According to ADP, the private sector added just 91,000 workers

Equities Roundup: Stocks Rise On Stimulus Hopes Despite Weak Economic Data

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Wall Street is trading higher today as investors remain optimistic that the Federal Reserve is preparing for a new round of economic stimulus packages. According to Automatic Data Processing

Techs Follow Broader Market Slightly Higher

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A plunge in consumer spending led investors away from equities today as analysts questioned how American’s will spend alongside slower economic growth. The reports, accompanies by weaker job

Equities Sector Coverage: Stocks Close Out Strong Week With Gains

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Preliminary second quarter GDP came in at 1.0% down from the Advanced reading of 1.3%. The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment for August came in below estimates at 55.7. The theme from Fed

Equities Roundup: Markets Satisfied Despite Bernanke Not Saying Much

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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did not unveil much about the Fed's plans of easing the market and boosting the economy. That didn't stop Wall Street's move higher today, though. Investors

Humanity. 2.0 - Opening Address at the Vatican

The opening address was delivered by Rev. Philip Larrey, Chairman of. Humanity 2.0, and Matthew. Sanders, CEO & Founder of Humanity 2.0.


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