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Jeff Kagan: Amazon Risks Brand Damage to Fake Goods, Third-Party Sellers

Jeff Kagan: Amazon Risks Brand Damage to Fake Goods, Third-Party Sellers

Jeff Kagan | | is risking damage to its powerful brand because of fake goods sold by some third-party vendors. They must correct this problem before it has a long-term impact on their company and brand.

Jeff Kagan: Comparing Galaxy Fold and Mate X Folding Smartphone

Jeff Kagan | |

Let’s take a closer look at these two devices, what’s coming next and why you will care.

Jeff Kagan: Should we break-up Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple?

Jeff Kagan | |

Jeff Kagan asks, are companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple monopolies? If so, should they be broken up?

Jeff Kagan: Will Cable TV Find Long-Term Success with Wireless?

Jeff Kagan | |

Will cable TV competitors like Comcast Xfinity Mobile, Charter Spectrum Mobile and Altice Mobile find long-term success in wireless?

Jeff Kagan: Marketing is key at IBM Watson Think 2019

Jeff Kagan | |

Think 2019 is the IBM Watson AI conference which is large, impressive and gives us an annual status report on the development of artificial intelligence.

Jeff Kagan: Comcast remains strong as cable TV industry changes

Jeff Kagan | |

Comcast, Xfinity and Xfinity Mobile continue to grow as the cable television industry continues to change.

Facebook Stock Rises 7% Year-to-Date as Investors Await Earnings Release

Alex Hamilton | |

The company’s stock has fallen over 3% in the past three months, but remains higher than the S&P 500, which has fallen over 5% during the same time span.

Jeff Kagan: Eliminate Political Bias from AI, Social Media, Search

Jeff Kagan | |

The US Congress and media says political bias is impacting social media and search engines. Does that mean AI is next? If so, how can we fix this so AI can grow?

Jeff Kagan: Changing World of 5G Wireless, Telecom, Pay TV in 2019

Jeff Kagan | |

Let's take a look at the dynamic changes, new technology and new competition we can expect in wireless, telecom, pay TV and Internet in 2019.

Why Google Rallied Over 3% on Wednesday

Alex Hamilton | |

​Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) stock rose over 3% on Wednesday after a timid start to the week


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