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Jeff Kagan: AT&T, Uber Partner on Air-Taxis and Drones

Jeff Kagan: AT&T, Uber Partner on Air-Taxis and Drones

Jeff Kagan | |

AT&T and Uber are getting together to work on how LTE, 4G, 5G and AI can improve aerial ride-sharing and cargo drones with Uber Elevate on its new helicopter service called Uber Copter.

Jeff Kagan: What if Amazon Acquires Sprint's Boost Mobile?

Jeff Kagan | |

Speculation is that Amazon is considering acquiring Boost Mobile so Sprint can merge with T-Mobile. This will be good for Sprint, but will it be good for Amazon?

Jeff Kagan: Synchronoss Helps Wireless, Broadband Transform

Jeff Kagan | |

Synchronoss Technologies helps wireless and broadband companies transform and prepare for the next generation of growth and competition.

​This Stock Is America’s 5G “Landlord”— and It Pays a 3.8% Dividend

Stephen McBride | |

The US government recently stamped national priority on the 5G technology. Which means billions of dollars will flow into it in the coming years.

Jeff Kagan: Should we break-up Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple?

Jeff Kagan | |

Jeff Kagan asks, are companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple monopolies? If so, should they be broken up?

Kagan: Key Take-Aways from MWC19 Are 5G, AI and IoT

Jeff Kagan | |

Let's take a closer look at the wireless winners at MWC19 from folding screen smartphones to 5G, AI and IoT.

This Company Might be able to Help with the Rollout of 5G

Stephen L Kanaval | |

LightWave Logic has created a new polymer with the ability to handle impressive amounts of power.

Jeff Kagan: Marketing is key at IBM Watson Think 2019

Jeff Kagan | |

Think 2019 is the IBM Watson AI conference which is large, impressive and gives us an annual status report on the development of artificial intelligence.

Samsung Embracing Cryptocurrency and the Legitimacy it Lends

Alex Hamilton | |

Samsung enters the cryptocurrency debate in a big way, lending greater legitimacy to the currency and wider access to cryptocurrency funds for all.

Who's Going to Win in 2019? 5 Companies Riding Data to the Top

Ron Corker | |

Now more than ever, knowledge is power. Data is disrupting industries and serving as the determiner of success and failure for many enterprises.