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Social Security in the Red? Here’s Another Source of Government-Backed Income

Social Security in the Red? Here’s Another Source of Government-Backed Income

Robert Ross | |

The US spends 90% of its military budget on US companies. That means billions of dollars flow into publicly traded US companies every year.

US Military Power Depends on This Fastest-Growing Defense Stock

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The Air Force now recruits more drone pilots than actual pilots! One little company makes the brains of these important machines.

Cannabis, Defense and Infrastructure to Benefit from Congressional Gridlock

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Cannabis, Defense and Infrastructure are all possible winners from last night.

​RADA Electronic Industries is the Radar Company to Watch as Military Spending Ramps Ups

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RADA Electronic Industries is gaining momentum.

​Two Defensive Equity Funds for Uncertain Times

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The recent increase in market volatility together with concerns over the tax bill’s impact and rumblings in the Middle East may be enough to make many of you nervous.

​How Small-Cap Astronics Builds Growth on High-Margin Electronics

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The major players in aerospace/defense straddle more than one sector.

DPW Holdings’ (NYSE:DPW) Subsidiary Coolisys Technologies Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Enertec

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Company Set to Purchase Israeli-Based Technology Provider of Missile Launching Systems and Command & Control Centers. Coolisys CEO Amos Kohn, “The purchase of Enertec marks a major our growth

​A Power Pick for Aerospace &Defense

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PowerShares Aerospace & Defense has gained roughly 17 percent so far this year.

Digital Power (DPW) Forecasts Revenues of $1.3M on Order from U.S. Air Force

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The Company reported new purchase orders valued at $1.3M, one of which is in conjunction with the newly awarded multimillion-dollar long-term contract from the U.S. Air Force.

How Trump Could Affect Defense Stocks

Patrick Watson | |

Wall Street isn’t used to presidents publicly criticizing major US companies.