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2021 Winners in Wireless, Pay TV, Entertainment: Jeff Kagan

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2020 has been a crazy year full of ups and downs. That being said, there are important lessons every investor, worker and customer should learn and use to their benefit. There have been several industries and sectors which have still been growing right through this COVID-19 chaos. And there are several key differences among similar competitors that you need to understand.

Some of the companies with a strong group of core services are those in the communications industry. That means wireless, wire line, telecom, pay TV, Internet and more.

The Future of Pay TV Looks Very Different Now: Jeff Kagan

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There are plenty of news stories in the media about how cable TV is shrinking and how this is impacting every player. Oftentimes, however, the media does a poor job of explaining that Pay TV is changing, not dying. Investors, customers, workers and more need to understand the difference between cable TV and the move to pay TV or IPTV. True, traditional cable television is shrinking. However, non-traditional pay TV will continue to grow going forward.

What does that mean exactly? Traditi...

Will 5G Wireless Help Comcast Xfinity Mobile Grow? — Jeff Kagan

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Comcast Xfinity Mobile is the first cable TV competitor to offer 5G wireless services. Comcast, Charter and Altice are the three largest cable television companies. They all are wireless resellers. Earlier this year Spectrum Mobile said they would launch 5G. However, Xfinity Mobile just did.Let’s take a look at how the cable TV industry is doing in wireless.After first trying and quickly failing the enter the wireless space several years ago, the cable TV companies tried a second time. This ti...

Will AT&T, Verizon or Comcast Show Strongest Growth? — Jeff Kagan

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Buying stocks from communications companies like AT&T and Verizon used to be easy. All phone companies and all cable TV companies stayed in their lanes in different regions of the USA. Looking forward, AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are on very different growth paths. So, let’s take a closer look at the differences between these three companies and my growth expectations for each. All three companies are good investments, but for different reasons. Knowing the difference is important. Their...

How AT&T, Comcast Are Creating a New Industry: Jeff Kagan

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AT&T and Comcast are the two key companies that are transforming and expanding the telecommunications industry. This started 15 – 20 years ago and is continuing today. Looking backwards, we see all these different industry segments as separate. Looking forward, they are all coming together and expanding. Let’s take a closer look at AT&T and Comcast as leaders of the changing industry.In the 1990s, each industry segment was separate. Different companies competed in each segment like l...

Which Companies Will Win As Pay TV Changes: Jeff Kagan

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Pay TV continues its rapid industry-wide transformation. Streaming TV is next with companies like Xfinity, AT&T TV, Spectrum, Altice, HBOMax, Peacock, Disney+ and Apple TV+. Who will win?

America Will Win the COVID-19 Coronavirus War: Jeff Kagan

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America will get through the Covid-19 or coronavirus crisis. In fact, so will the entire world. We will develop vaccines like the flu shot and effective treatments. Hydroxychloroquine may be a possible answer.

Jeff Kagan: Will Streaming TV, HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock Succeed?

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Pay TV continues to change. Will streaming services or streaming TV like HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock and Apple TV+ be successful both in the short-term and long-term for investors and users?

Jeff Kagan: Top CEO Innovators Who Are Changing the World

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This is my list of the Top CEO Innovators who are changing our world.

Jeff Kagan: Will Comcast Xfinity Acquire T-Mobile Sprint?

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Will Comcast Xfinity acquire T-Mobile Sprint after the merger? How will Dish Network do in wireless? What about Spectrum Mobile or Altice Mobile? The wireless industry is changing. What's next in 2020?

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