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University of Alberta Researchers Identify a New Gene that Causes Glaucoma

University of Alberta Researchers Identify a New Gene that Causes Glaucoma

Edward Kim | |

We're following several companies pursuing next generation glaucoma treatments.

Eyenovia Shows Positive Phase 3 Results in Pupil Dilation Device

Edward Kim | |

80 million annual exams in the US involve mydriasis (pupil dilation)

BioCardia Submits FDA Application for New Steerable Cardiovascular Introducer

Edward Kim | |

The AVANCE is designed to introduce cardiovascular catheters into the heart, including via the interatrial septum (Image: BioCardia)

Generex Acquires Majority Stake in Olaregen Therapeutix to Enter Wound Healing Market

Edward Kim | |

Olaregen's Excellagen (flowable dermal matrix) is FDA approved for wound management in multiple indications (Image: Olaregen Therapeutix)

Vapotherm's $60 Million IPO Expected Next Week for Respiratory Distress Treatment Systems

Edward Kim | |

Company markets the only mask-free, clinically validated alternative to the standard of care for respiratory distress (Image: Vapotherm)

Ra Medical Systems' $50 Million IPO Expected This Week

Edward Kim | |

Excimer laser system to treat vascular and dermatological diseases (Image: Ra Medical Systems).

Endotronix Closes $45 Million Series D Round for Heart Failure Monitoring Solutions

Edward Kim | |

Heart data transmitted to the clinician for timely heart failure monitoring and management (Image: Endotronix).

Renovia Raises $42.3 Million Series B for Pelvic Floor Disorders

Edward Kim | |

The company markets the leva pelvic floor muscle training system to help patients maintain continence (Image: Renovia).

Novocure Partners with US Oncology Research for Phase 3 Trial in Pancreatic Cancer

Edward Kim | |

Study will test combination of Novocure's Tumor Treating Fields device and chemotherapy (Image: Novocure).

Sensus Healthcare Gets Approval for Radiation Therapy for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer and Keloids

Edward Kim | |

Next-generation image-guided superficial radiation therapy solution for the most common types of skin cancer.

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