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Indexes Race For The New All-Time High

Indexes Race For The New All-Time High

Chris Vermeulen | |

Without too much attention from traders, the SPY and QQQ are racing to attempt to establish new all-time highs in what may become the most exciting Spring/Summer breakout rally of the past 3 years. While many other symbols are still flirting with November

Watch For +15% Leveraged Move In Chinese Stocks

Chris Vermeulen | |

Our research continues to suggest the Chinese stock market could be poised for an upside rally of at least 15% over the next 30+ days

Bitcoin Short Covering to Test the Magic $6,000 Level and Trigger Media Cycle Frenzy

Steve Kanaval | |

Fundamentals in Bitcoin are confusing, and you are better off not looking at them until the market matures. This asset class is not a stock or a bond — it is the flight to quality asset in waiting.

Waiting for the Russell 2000 to Confirm The Next Big Move

Chris Vermeulen | |

We're waiting on the Russell 2000 to break out of its channel.

Proprietary Cycles Predict July Turning Point for Stock Market

Chris Vermeulen | |

Think of this research post as an early warning that June and July 2019 are likely to be a very critical price inflection point based on our proprietary price cycle analysis tools. Back in October 2018, we predicted the downside price rotation almost perf

Why Would Goldman Sachs Be Interested in a Small Bike Shop in Mexico? | |

As companies like Creditjusto expand, offering needed capital to fund growth, so will Mexico’s middle class

Are Investors Blind To The Equities Upside Super Cycle?

Chris Vermeulen | |

​Our research team believes the upside pricing potential of the US market could be under-estimated by global traders and investors. We've been pouring over the charts and data trying to substantiate our hypothesis with our proprietary price modeling syste

Treasury Inversion and Political Fed Cycles

Chris Vermeulen | |

Shedding a little light on the Treasury Inversion level and the “potential pending recession”

Why is Non-Traditional Financing Booming in 2019?

Chad Otar | |

Non-traditional financing has become the new norm when it comes to businesses looking for funding especially in 2019. Learn why!

Russell 2000 Leads the Way for Technical Analysts

Chris Vermeulen | |

The Russell 2000 continues to deliver critical technical and longer-term price patterns for skilled technicians


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