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Brazil's Eerie Parallels with Argentina

Ivan Martchev | |

The Brazilian real – or reais as the locals call it – closed on Friday at 4.1962, which can be rounded up to 4.2 on the USDBRL cross. This is disconcerting news...

The Mexican Peso: In the Eye of the Trump Storm

Stephen L Kanaval | |

The unorthodox moves Trump could enact as president could send Mexico on a wild ride economically. The threat of building a wall is another issue that could affect the currency.

​Investing Lessons from My Economist Grandfather

Ivan Illán | |

A former Cuban revolutionary left some sage advice for investors.

R.A.B.B.I.T. Report: The Brazilian Crowdfunding Platform Helping Small Businesses to Thrive

Crowd Capital Ventures | |

Brazil's government regulations can stifle small business, but EqSeed is looking to bridge a large funding gap.

Her Name is Rio and She’s Hosting the Olympics on the Untreated Sewage: Your 2016 Olympics Primer

Joel Anderson | |

Are the 2016 Olympics in Brazil racing toward disaster?

The Case for Copper in Jamaica...

Palisade Global Investments | |

The bottom for copper may be close, and this Jamaica-based company could be a savvy play...

R.A.B.B.I.T. Report: The Company That's Promoting Transparent Access to Working Capital in Latin America

Crowd Capital Ventures | |

A lack of transparent access to working capital and receivables financing is a huge problem in Latin America.

Puerto Rican Bankster Melba Acosta-Febo Is Making a Run at Swiping $3.5 Billion

Rodney Johnson | |

The president of the Puerto Rico Government Development Bank is looking to pull one over on investors...

​Why Investors Should be Skeptical of Anyone in Power

Rodney Johnson | |

What's that saying about absolute power?

Jeff Kagan: Is Cuba Next on the AT&T Hit Parade?

Jeff Kagan | |

AT&T could be gearing up for an aggressive play into Cuba...

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