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Jeff Kagan: Why Apple Violates User Privacy with Siri

Jeff Kagan: Why Apple Violates User Privacy with Siri

Jeff Kagan | |

Why Apple Siri, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Android, Cortana and AI in general invades user privacy and what can be done to protect users.

What is the Future of Retail?

Gary C. Bizzo | |

Is offline retail losing its grip on sales to online stores?

Jeff Kagan: Why Twitter Doesn’t Care About User Experience

Jeff Kagan | |

Why does Twitter not seem to understand how they hurt many users in their effort to improve their service? As users grow to depend on Twitter, they need to pay attention to this growing problem.

​Practicums Save the Day for Startups

Gary C. Bizzo | |

Practicums with seasoned international employees provide critical benefits to Vancouver startups.

Three Challenges Top Level Recruiters Face

John Livesay | |

How to overcome key challenges in today's competitive job market.

​Leafbuyer (LBUY) is the Groupon of Cannabis and Might be the Unexpected Pick-and-Shovel Play to Watch

Stephen L Kanaval | |

LBUY is more than just a blockchain headline...

Jeff Kagan: Threats and Opportunities as Change-Wave Sweeps In

Jeff Kagan | |

Every company in every industry is facing new threats and new opportunities. To continue to be successful they must do one important thing and they must do it well.

Jeff Kagan: Verizon Oath Acquiring AOL, Yahoo Never Made Sense

Jeff Kagan | |

Why Verizon Oath acquired AOL and Yahoo when that growth strategy never made sense.

Jeff Kagan: Changing World of 5G Wireless, Telecom, Pay TV in 2019

Jeff Kagan | |

Let's take a look at the dynamic changes, new technology and new competition we can expect in wireless, telecom, pay TV and Internet in 2019.

8 Ways to Increase Internal Communication Among Your Team

Desireé Duffy | |

Better communication among team members is crucial for happy and savvy employees. How can you improve communication within your company?


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