US Indexes Continue To Rally Within A Defined Range

US Indexes Continue To Rally Within A Defined Range

Chris Vermeulen | |

...This move by the EU pushed banks and the finance sector higher while the US stock market stalled near the end of the week.

Crude Oil Setting Up For A Downside Price Rotation

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...current price highs, near $59 to $60, will likely continue as strong price resistance...

Energy Sector Reaches Key Low Point - Start Looking For The Next Move

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With Crude Oil pushing higher over the past few weeks and targeting levels just below the $59 price area, we believe the timing of this move in ERY is almost perfect.

Chris Vermeulen on Gold, Silver, Miners, Crude Oil, Bonds, and Bitcoin.

Chris Vermeulen | |

Chris speaks with HoweStreet about a wide range of topics.

Metals & The US Dollar – How It All Relates – Part II

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Simply put, currency pricing pressures are likely to isolate many foreign markets from investment activities...

Metals & The US Dollar: How It All Relates – Part I

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Precious metals, specifically Gold, has skyrocketed to some of the highest levels in recent times as foreign currencies devalue against the US Dollar.

Sector Rotation Giving Mixed Signals About The Future

Chris Vermeulen | | opened up to a moderately large price rotation (first downward, then back higher) before settling...

Price Structure Still Suggests We Are Within Volatile Rotation

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...there was quite a bit of external news that drove prices higher...

US Stock Market Hasn't Cleared The Storm Yet

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Overall, this final quarter of 2019, and early into 2020, may shape up to be a very volatile period in the global markets.

Can Oil Stay Above $50 To Support Producers Expectations?

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Recent news suggests that oil producers are attempting to increase production levels...


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