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We live in exciting times. The technological advances of the past several years have had a dramatic impact on our lives as individuals, as well as the communications of nations across the globe. Today, we take for granted that we can have access to information on nearly any topic right at our fingertips, and increasingly, we’re even expected to have our most personal information at our disposal at any given moment. And as increasingly common hacks of classified government information and private corporate materials have shown, this data is often not nearly as safe as we’ve been led to believe.

The frequency of these breaches and the sophistication of hackers have led many to believe they have to choose between the benefits of technology and our fundamental right to privacy. Fortunately, when properly implemented, technology can also bring about effective solutions. That’s certainly the plan of the team at Legato, LLC, a small business that provides comprehensive IT engineering to the intelligence community.

“Legato came out of a good idea between four co-workers who either had previous experience in the government or industry, who decided it was a good time to pool our resources, our knowledge and our experience together to form a small business,” said Legato Founder and COO Steve Hulin in a recent interview with Equities.com Broadcast Contributor Silvia Davi.

Hulin explains the company’s goal is to help “the US government build its cybersecurity platform, supporting cybersecurity missions, taking the expertise we’ve learned over the course of our careers, and give that back.” Today, Legato’s primary clients are the Federal government and the intelligence community. Hulin explains, “we work very closely with them on cybersecurity operations, helping them on the defensive side, taking a look at threats and risk mitigation strategies.”

Though a look at the daily news may leave you with a great deal of pessimism over the state of digital privacy, Hulin suggests there’s plenty of reason for optimism. There are “a lot of small businesses coming up with great ideas, finding niche areas that larger businesses may overlook because it’s a blip on the radar, but people see security threats all across the landscape, with technology advancing,” says Hulin.

“There are more people looking at technology at the outset, whether it’s at the beginning of a technology development cycle, or applying it at the end,” Hulin says. “Once a solution has been employed, constantly looking at those threats, evaluating that threat surface, and reducing that threat for business, whether it’s for the government, or for healthcare, or banking, retail or finance, it’s always an important thing to do. That’s something that has historically been overlooked, and it’s having its field day now.”

Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Threats Will Be Mobile

Moving forward, Hulin sees the need to use technology that’s been developed for secure government and corporate communications to be used for individual mobile security. “There are a lot of apps that are doing things out there, one off security, here and there. But as devices become more of an everyday component of our social fabric and the life that we interact with other people, we have to find a way to make those things secure,” Hulin warns. “Hackers are pivoting from traditional corporate infrastructure to the personal devices - phones and devices that everybody has on them all the time.”

That’s why Hulin believes it’s essential for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs to tackle these threats. “Cybersecurity is no longer an afterthought,” Hulin says, “it’s something that has to start at the beginning of a product lifecycle, and it carries all the way through the O and M tail. Hulin urges cybersecurity startup leaders to “keep focusing, think about security from the beginning. Don’t let it detract from your overall goal, but if you can build a good, stable, secure product, the market will come to you.”

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